Cleansing with Juice!

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It’s been over a year since I’ve begun juicing. I owe the inspiration to Jason Vale aka Juice Master, and to Andy Shaw for introducing me to Jason Vale. Everything about juicing was new to me, and from where I come from it is still not quite accepted as the radical health-shifting experience it is. In the US, there seems to be a fight about food and health and whether this’s good for you or that’s not. In Asia, eating raw foods runs the risk of parasite infections, so everything in Asia is always lightly cooked (it is  probably more beneficial to consume greens and veggies in this form as they are only very lightly cooked and are a brighter, richer green than when raw). I  got over these mental issues when I started juicing, despite a lot of people “judging” me for it, and I also never did the a food-police-I’m-vegan-guiltripping. It was an enlightening experience for me, and worth much more than the slim body.

Anyways I wanted to write about the 3-day juice detox I did from Jason Vale, and encourage anyone who is looking around dipping their feet into the waters about juicing to try it out. Over summer 2013 I did a 5-day detox with my fiance, and the only “food” we ate was either frozen banana or some avocado. I skinnied down so much and all my cravings for junkie food went away. It was incredible. So I had been wanting to do another one but things got caught up in the fall and I kept putting it off. I just came back from Taiwan and in Taiwan I eat A LOT. The food there doesn’t really make you fat, but maybe it’s because of that that I keep eating! It’s so easy to get such delicious food outside, and soooo cost-effective. You don’t have to sit down at a restaurant sometimes and you don’t have to travel for 15 minutes. There is so much to eat in a 5 minute walk and it’s all so fast and convenient but it’s actually delicious cooked food. Anyways I felt a little more “filled out,” so landing in the US, I suddenly decided: it is time to do that detox I’d been talking about for ages!

A bit about the cleanse itself
There are 5 different juices on this 3-day plan, and a lot of them include beetroot in them. It is a 3 day detox with 4 juices everyday (except day 3, with an extra H2O detox which is very light). The app was the main resource I used to do the cleanse as I do not have the book, and it is very easy to follow with coaching videos from Jason that really help you psychologically understand what you’re accomplishing and not feel like a sore loser. I would say the sole tipping-point reason why I started juicing was Jason’s lines of reasoning and the mentality set-up – it really widens your awareness about what is going on psychologically and a better awareness of opportunity costs. I don’t like all of Jason’s arguments though (such as the large plant animals that don’t have protein from meat argument), but the general mentality of what “restricting yourself” means and things like that help a lot without just saying “do the 80-20 principle” that often turns into 20-80 without awareness.

My experience with the cleanse
I got to the US at 11am, so I readied all the things I needed for the juice cleanse – I created some space, brought my juicer downstairs to the laundry room (I live in a dorm without a kitchen! The sink in the laundry room is my best option), I downloaded the app on my iPhone, wrote shopping lists, and took off. I came back around 2pm and started juicing. The first day I had 3 out of the 4 juices, and the second and third day I followed the plan. I was fine the first two days nothing major and I have good control because I’ve done a 5-day detox before and I know fully what to expect. Also, 3-day is not bad at all when you’ve done 5-day before. I felt the urge to munch even though I was full and not hungry. On the third day I was still having the urge to munch, but I was familiar with the sensation from the 5-day detox. On the fourth day, I woke up and biked to get groceries (yes I bike to do my groceries), and when I came back I was kind of hungry. Knowing I wasn’t on the plan anymore though I was planning to have a juice for breakfast, I ate a few pecans (raw ones), and the strange thing was even though this was a healthy whole food, I could sense the energy level change in my body. It wasn’t drastic or anything, but there was a slight lowering of vibrational harmony, and it was extremely palpable. I found this to be really interesting and worth taking a note of – how do I feel when I ingest anything?

My favorite juice was probable the Dreamy Detox. Maybe because I am used to green juices, though I thoroughly enjoyed the beetroot juices too. I really like mixing beetroot with avocado – it really gives this wonderful creamy texture. Another juice that is just amazing is the H2O detox – it is incredible! It has the flavour of a gatorade but so fresh and way, way, way more energizing and pumping than a gatorade. I still make it and take it with me to the gym once in a while. It is simply a genius idea to mix something so strong and sweet with a bunch of water, all the while being super fresh and healthy feeling, which is the main difference between all store-bought juice and freshly made juices.

Exercise is the other thing that is very important to the detox. I have to say didn’t get as much exercise into this programme as I did with the 5-day one I did, though I did do at least 15 minutes of exercise a day (I know, not a lot, but I made the effort…I had to bike to get groceries everyday so I had limited resources!). I definitely slimmed down more because I really did pretty intense exercise during the 5-day detox.

I would highly recommend this detox to anyone just trying to have a little reboot. The app is fantastic and so worth the money. I think the produce of the whole detox probably cost me around 60 USD, though I bought larger quantities of some things which I continued to use after the cleanse. I made my juice in the morning every day and stored them in vacuum sealers from Stoneline, which are gifts from my fiance! (Link to product here) They are fantastic in saving juices. I still don’t recommend going overnight, though sometimes it’s alright (especially if you made it at night and it has avocado, which helps prevent the oxidation.

Happy juicing!
-Catt xxx

Clarification: I am not affiliated with Jason/Juice Master or Stoneline or anything/one else; this is just a writeup of my 3-day detox cleanse! Photo from Jason’s website.


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