Setting the Vibrational Tone of Your Day

I had lunch with my friend a week ago, and when I ran into him, he looked pretty bad. He had bags under his eyes, looked groggy, and looked at me as if I had him at gunpoint asking him for money when I put my hand on his shoulder to say hi. I, on the other hand, was having a fantastic Wednesday. Just before going to the dining hall I was dancing in a bathroom in front of the mirror in my hat and sunglasses feeling pretty cool and going crazy with how great I was feeling. I had practiced myself for a while now into a much more positive vibrational set point and it has been such a fantastic journey . I was feeling fantastic as I sauntered out in the beautiful California weather and headed for the dining hall.

So I ran into my friend and he was getting food and he told me I scared him when I “said hi” to him, and he told me about how he had the most trouble sleeping the night before, then had a nightmare and woke up at  5am feeling frantic and not able to fall asleep again. He told me how he felt so tired and uncomfortable that he went onto the grass (they have beautiful lawns here) to sleep a little under the sun in the nice cool weather, only to wake up a little later realizing that there were ants all over him, and they were biting him. Biting him! He was still brushing ants off of himself while we were eating.

I found it hilarious because it reminded me of everything I had been remembering about the Law of Attraction. I remember the time everything was manifesting for me easily and effortlessly, and I remember the time when things weren’t, and how the Law of Attraction is the last thing you want to think about when ants choose to climb all over you and bite you.

But it all made so much sense. You set a vibrational atmosphere and it fills in. My friend had set a vibrational atmosphere of discomfort, and the ants followed suit.

My friend ended up receiving a good dose of positivity from me, and I’m glad that he made the decision to do that. He’s always been very receptive to me in general, and I think after the ants he decided he wanted to feel better. As for me, I am always happy to be an uplifter, and I had been asking the Universe for some “proof” of upliftment from one person to another and just some more assertion of the Laws of the Universe (I asked this for a while now). My friend said he felt a lot better by the end of our interaction, and that he gained a lot of positive energy from talking to me (we were not talking about his day the whole time – just at the beginning for a bit!). He doesn’t know anything about the Law of Attraction, but it really also showed me how everyone intuitively knows it, and some people genuinely desire to acknowledge it fully and harness it (like you, my blog reader!).

Setting the vibrational tone of your day is really simple and important for being deliberate about what you choose to experience. I have loads of other stories about how setting my vibration for the day changed what I experienced (sometimes so dramatically that there was no possible way it was from anything else – not even “coincidence”). There are a few ways I set my vibrational tone for the day, but here are some key points to help get people started:

  1. Start early in the day
    As you wake up, acknowledge that you want to set your vibrational tone of the day. Go inside and start by feeling how you feel. Most people will feel the way they did when they went to bed, sometimes what they were dreaming, or the worst, the problems of life. In the morning, if you do not consciously pull out everything from before, you have the chance for a clean slate! Relax into that idea and think of something that is comforting. Sometimes I think of my bed, sometimes I think of my pet, sometimes I think of tea..anything that is easy and wonderful to think and feel about.
  2. Get it going for as long as you can/have time for in the morning
    I tend to do this for about 15-20 minutes in the day – just get myself feeling good. It really changes the mood for me, and then I get up while still trying to keep the same tone. This is why I set two alarms – sometimes yes I fall back asleep but also kind of  a timer of my feel-good vibes.
  3. Notice when you “fall off the boat”
    Once you start getting this going, you will start to notice when in the day you fall off the boat. I never really wrote this down, but it could help some people to notice if you write down when you notice you stopped getting this good feeling thing going. If you look at it at night and you realize you hadn’t held it for all day long, try to figure out when so that you can see if you’ve been getting better at it over time. I know I have, and I know that if you’re really deliberate about it and write about it every day, there’s no way it can’t get better over time!
  4. Extend the time it takes to fall off the boat, and eventually you’ll get an amazing vibrational tone singing every day!
    At the start it was quite difficult, and I played a game with myself seeing how long I could hold the good-vibrations. It wasn’t like a serious deliberate effort, just a gentle tone/mood going while I did my other activities. It really has changed over the past few months and it is fantastic to see how I started out like my friend I mentioned earlier and ended up being able to uplift someone like that by less than 2 months.
  5. Other techniques
    There have been other techniques I have practiced to that have worked fantastically for setting a positive vibrational tone for my day, but this one was the one I stuck with most because it seems so easy – just a game to see how long you can hold the positive vibes! But there are many other fantastic techniques I have used to help me achieve a deliberate setting of a positive vibrational tone for the day and a much smoother line of events for the day (usually in forms of particular meditations).

Happy tone-setting!

-Catt xx


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