Uncovering the Shadow

News & Update

Hi everyone! I’m in the process of converting my blog into a base where people can connect with me and my business…in transformational coaching! Right now, I am borrowing my blog really, because I do have a beautiful website (that will be under a different web domain..a bit confusing but hey I am too excited to wait to start! :)) that is under construction, so look out for it! I’m very grateful for my lovely team ❤ It has been a rather hectic time for me these days, but I finally feel the bits and pieces of my vision coming together, and I’m really excited about sharing more with others, helping others move through their stories and issues to embrace an authentic way of life.

Make sure you connect with me on my new facebook page and on my instagram!

New Ways of Connecting

I love dissecting ideas and coming up with deep discussions about these amazing self-discovery journeys, but like I said a while back, I’d like to be a bit more transparent and possibly come here more frequently to post to give myself some growth. I’m really going with whatever feels most natural and really more about sharing myself and my life.


One thing I’ve been really feeling vulnerable to lately is the shadow. Everyone has their shadow. I have my shadow, my family has their shadow, my man has his shadow, and so forth. Everyone does. What do I mean by shadow? It’s that part of you that’s difficult to accept. The “darker side” of you. Maybe it’s something you’ve done. Maybe it’s something you secretly do. Things that you may be ashamed of, things that people told you were bad. Things that you desperately don’t want other people to know.

Light, dark, and shadow catherinetung.com

I think over time, things that constitute my shadow have changed. There were times in my growth where anything sexual was dark, or the horrible unnameable things that occurred were pushed down by myself. Sometimes I yell and scream in rage, and then after condemn myself harshly for them because of the downright unacceptability and inappropriateness of them..in my harsh judgmental view, I try to resist these aspects of me.

But what you resist always persists.

I speak for myself, but recent events around me have shown that this resisting of your shadow, trying to put up a front for everyone else, can be very largely detrimental and have effects that affect much much beyond, let’s say, merely two people in a room yelling at each other. I watch how it affects our entire economy based off man-made laws that attempt to bypass the laws of the universe (which is of course, impossible).

One of my biggest coaching focuses is to embrace yourself to live authentically. The level of clarity I had in Italy taught me that nothing is worth hiding, because it just makes it come out in much more exaggerated, dramatic, “societally-acceptable,” forms later on that simply aren’t worth incapacitating yourself with. I don’t mean you go around and spread to everyone what a horrible person you are because of this or that that happened, because that would probably mean you haven’t embraced your shadow (although I did do this once, to trigger myself out of the desire to put up a front). But I do mean not being on the edge trying to make something happen for the impression others have of you. I do mean looking straight at everything you’ve done without the voices of the opinions others, without the trademarked voices of society, without your own conditioned voice, and really look at it..look. at. it. Look into it, look through it.

At the end of the day, the light is all there is, but it cannot be experienced without the dark. If only light exists, then light is merely a concept that can never be felt and experienced.

Whatever you’ve done, I accept you. Whatever I’ve done, I accept me. I am in the process myself, but we’re all on the same journey.



Photo by Andrea C.


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