The imperative of creating your desires


Creating the life of your dreams is a must. I don’t care who you are, where you come from, how fine things are going in your life, how simple you think life is meant to be, what reasons you have as to why you can’t, I. Don’t. Care. Creating your desires is an imperative.

Maybe they’re hidden deep inside somewhere. Maybe they’re written off as impossible. Maybe you think you’re already happy. Maybe you’ve tried really hard and they just haven’t been coming to fruition. Or maybe even – you keep thinking this is it, then you keep realizing this is not after the initial high is over.

Desire is important, as desire creates Life. Experiences created from desire are completely different from experiences created from fear. I think one of the most valuable gifts there are in the world is being aware enough to understand where you’re coming from, and move yourself towards your desires.

It takes a lot of applied thought to be able the life you desire – being able to think consecutive thoughts towards the life you desire is something that everyone is faced with working on (well maybe not people like Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie, but for most people, it’s an exercise!). I’m experiencing so much juiciness though from just recognizing when a thought is not going in the direction of my desires, and choosing another thought. Or even when I am thinking a thought that is in the direction of my desires, it feels really energizing to acknowledge it!

I’m moving from Tustin tomorrow (where I’ve been living for the past 5 months) and going back to the LA area until I go back to Italy again! So there has been a lot of driving for me in the past few days with moving all my stuff, all the while listening to personal development, which has really been a wonderful experience. I’m starting to realize the amount of airtime in our minds we give to our desires vs everything else is the key determinator of whether or not we achieve our desires and in what time frame. Being open-minded, practicing awareness, allowing what is, and being inquisitive have all been important for me in the past few days. And a lot of these thought practices have led to a natural gratitude. It’s something I wish for everyone!

When I go back to Italy mid-July, I’ll be heading down to Rome soon, because I’ll be studying Italian in Perugia at a language school for foreigners! I already speak Italian, but I think it’d be great to brush up on it, sharpen my grammar, and enjoy Perugia! I’ve only lived in Milan, so living in Perugia for a while is something I really look forward to. Also, there are weekend trips all over Italy – I’m so excited to go to the South for the first time! I’ll be sharing some wonderful photos and experiences of this here and on my instagram – so make sure you’re on my list!

It’s also my birthday on Independence day – so you can wish me a happy birthday! 😀 I’m celebrating randomly today and Friday and so forth. I think the best birthday present is having long periods of time where my thoughts are going in the direction of my desires, and without the little snafus that occurred that resulted in staying in for my birthday, I could not have the opportunity to practice this thoughts-going-in-the-same-direction game that has been massively improving my mindset in the past week (special thanks to my friend Alan for that!)

I’m also doing a lot of updates on this web space and with coaching. I’m creating some really exciting things for assisting YOU in creating your desires – so stay tuned for that, I really can’t wait to release some wonderful content for creating desires.

All this exciting stuff – and it’s not even the best of it yet!!



Photo by Wesley Chen (instagram: wecoch) at Laguna Beach 2015 (c)



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