A Desire to Experience Italy..


I am in a beautiful amazing city right now. And in a spacious and comfortable apartment suite room. It has a window overlooking these incredible stretches of hills of green and brown patchworks and a courtyard garden full of green. And the temperature is very ambient and comfortable.

I wish more people from the US knew about this school and program, as it has been exceeding my expectations since I arrived and there are very few people from the US. It’s a school for foreigners studying Italian called Scuola Dante Alighieri, and it’s located in a beautiful historic and academic city called Camerino. It’s almost like a mix of Tuscany (located on the hills, uneven cobblestone roads, historic beautiful architecture, the rolling hills, the sunflowers) and Bologna (academic, antique, grounded). I always loved Tuscany with the terra of brown and green patchworks, and I loved Bologna because of how grounded it feels.

Can you believe cars drive down this road?

Can you believe cars drive down this road?

My phone wouldn’t let me take photos today – it kept displaying that my storage was full and glitching up, so I didn’t get to take photos of the beautiful theatre we visited today, but that’s just as well. Being back in Italy exploring new places has really brought me back to my feminine essence – the ability to experience things. As we explored the rooms of the theatre, looking at the frescoes, chandeliers, and the beautiful furniture, the elevated energy of the space really brought me back into my beingness and reminded me of how important it is (even for men) to drop into the feminine essence and experience beauty. It’s almost like I have forgotten about it since I left Italy the first time, and I am grateful to have found a piece of it again today as we explored the beautiful rooms in the theatre.

There is so much beautiful Italian culture in Camerino. Yes it’s a bit in the peripherals, it’s small, and it’s out on the edges, but it’s absolutely beautiful. Like any Italian city, there is a central Duomo – the central cathedral – that is beautiful and monumental. Every time I walk in a cathedral, even in small random cities, it puts me to my knees. There’s a theatre like I mentioned before, and a university. There are a lot of small shops and stores, and if you want a grocery store you take a bus (it’s not far, but it’s very sloped).

I’ll be writing a lot more about the program and the classes on this blog, but today we did our placement test and got some class info. I’m enrolled in the 4 week program, there are 2 week, 3 week, and 4 week options (which are on sale as of right now! See here), but basically the whole summer course includes the trips – which is incredible. One-day trips during the weekend and half-day trips during the week. The trips include guided visits to Venice, Siena, Pisa, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Assisi, San Marino, and a few other smaller cities nearby. Also, four hours of Italian lessons every day, and guided tours in Italian. I love how immersive this school is, and they really go out of their way to make for a lovely experience. I’m surprised that there are so many people from Buenos Aires and Brasil, but not the US. The other thing I love is there are people of all ages here, from young teenagers to elderly couples. What a wonderful thing it is to be able to do a study-vacation no matter what age you’re at.

Here is a photo from their website of the school building – it’s absolutely adorable and lovely:


Traveling is always such an amazing experience. It really opens you up to a new way of looking at things, if you’re available for it. If I hadn’t been so well-traveled over the years, I would never have understood how our thoughts create our reality. It was definitely my international background that helped me understand how law of attraction works in life and how different reality can be for different groups of people. It also made traveling such an adventure – what thoughts do the people here have, what is their worldview that allowed them to create things in this way? No matter what it is, whether it’s beautiful incredible Italy or exotic Bali or wherever that may not even be that breathtakingly beautiful (er, perhaps LA? Hahaha) – I am always curious to understand the mentality that leads to a particular way of life.

Learning a language also brings the same thing. It’s not just about being able to recite conjugations and memorize vocabulary. It’s a lot about energy, and integrating energy, something I work on a lot in my coaching. If you can learn to listen to and tune into the energy of expression from a particular culture of a place, learning the language is a truly incredible experience that gives credence to the tangibility of energy.


If you’re interested in an Italian Study Vacation, a break from your regular life (especially in a city), an experience of Europe – if you have a desire to study Italian and experience Italy the way I did (and maybe experience a transformation!), I highly highly HIGHLY recommend looking into Scuola Dante Alighieri in Camerino – you will have to study a lot of Italian, but it is such a joy of a language to learn. And you have the opportunity, included in your tuition, to travel to so many beautiful destinations (I’ve been to almost all of them already, but I’m probably going to go to a lot of them again!). I’ll be posting it all on Instagram – make sure you’re with me on the adventure!

I will be posting a lot more as my month unfolds. For now, I’m resting in the gratitude of being in such a beautiful country and in such a beautiful location.

Time to do my Italian homework!!




2 thoughts on “A Desire to Experience Italy..

  1. @RachelW – thanks! Yes definitely check out the program if you’re interested in studying Italian and exploring Italy. Their website isn’t that polished but trust me the program is incredible so far!

    Thanks so much, gonna check out yours too 😉 xxx

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