A Mindset Piece – Drop Worrying!

Best Christmas ornaments!

Just this week,  I went to the Milan Yonex International 2015 Badminton matches. I love watching badminton – I used to play for my high school team and yearned to train for more matches and competitions. I haven’t trained for years but still enjoy playing. I enjoyed watching the games a lot and was reminded of so many mindset pieces I acquired through looking back on my game.

One of those things that I have been thinking about lately is worrying. Worrying is probably one of the biggest things that have held me back in my life overall, and I’m betting in the lives of many, many people. Since integrating personal development into my life, I’ve seen the uselessness in worrying – although it doesn’t mean I never do it – and have experienced a period of time where I didn’t worry about anything, which allowed space for incredible changes in my life.

Worrying is completely pointless and just makes us feel bad. There are many reasons for which we worry, all which don’t make sense. Personally, I worried because I thought it meant I cared more. I also worried because I didn’t want to get caught out on things, and I worried because I believed that it strengthened my motivation and drive.

All of these things can be easily seen for what they are – pointless. Just because I worry, doesn’t mean I care more – I can care more without worrying about something. If I don’t want to get caught out on things, I will do something about them, rather than worry about them. That solves the problems (or plays the cards to attempt to solve them), worrying doesn’t! And about my motivation and drive? I would prefer that I were inspired and motivated by something positive instead of something negative, and that would produce the result I am looking for.

taken from livelikeagrownup.wordpress.com

taken from livelikeagrownup.wordpress.com

This beautiful infographic, borrowed from live like a grown up, illustrates the point wonderfully. It shows how worrying is completely in it’s own category pretty much, and by itself has nothing to do with anything. Take a worry you have in your mind and go through that – you’ll see that the problem can be solved without any worry.

Worrying actually creates what we do not desire to come into fruition. Because of our focus on it – whatever we focus on we pull into our lives and draw it in. So if we focus on the problem, that grows. If we focus on the solution, that grows. The solution has nothing to do with the problem, and worrying is all about the problem, so it actually doesn’t help with coming to a solution.

Photo Dec 10, 3 37 29 PM

Back to badminton, I remember when I played tournaments and I would count down the minutes until I had to step onto the court. I was always pretty confident, but inside, I worried a lot. I worried not for what others thought of me so much as would I live up to my own expectation? I worried about something going wrong, I worried about how I would play and whether I’d play my best, I worried about disappointing myself (and possibly others). The good news is once I get onto the court, I’m not worrying about things. But all that buildup and stress, all that drama and headache – and for what? Did it even help me in any way if by the time I got onto the court I dropped them all anyways? I could have just enjoyed my time.

I am reminded watching these tournaments that worrying is utterly useless. I would think – wow they’re in the finals, would they be nervous and worried? And I would imagine how they would have to wait for the moment they’re in the finals, and keep working on the outcome in their mind and through their skill. At the end of the day, the match is the match, it’s already there and done, and there will be so many more matches to come! There is no need to worry at all!

It takes a powerful consciousness to dissolve worrying. It takes focus and presence to do so, not just logically piecing things together, because that can lead to ignoring worries and trying not to worry, or even worrying about worrying. Be still with the consciousness and notice the presence in you, and take the hint from this blogpost that staying conscious will do so much more for you than worrying ever will, even if it seems like you’re not doing much!

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Have a lovely day everyone!

Catt xx



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