Founding Resonance and Rinascere

Well!!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything online, and so many changes have occurred in my life that it’s confusing to know where to even start! Everything feels so different, and I’m loving the 2017 vibes that seem to be happening all over the place.


The greatest experience I’ve been having is the concept of Rebirth (which is what Rinascere means in Italian, basically Renaissance). The idea that in every moment, we can rebirth ourselves, that the past can just fall away if we choose for it to, and that in this moment, the Universe is responding to this vibrational offering in this specific moment. That concept has been so powerful for me, and has been my intention for 2017. At the end of 2017 we’ll see how that’s been for me as an experiment… 😉

SO! On one hand, all the personal development work and life coaching I’ve been doing has been continuing, and on the other hand I’ve been creating a marketing project I call Project Resonance. I call it Resonance because that’s really what marketing is about, it’s about Resonating with the people who will benefit from your product or service, and having that resonance carry them through to a sale.

One thing I’ve realised is how much I enjoy marketing and sales and capitalism just for the fun of it. I think people like to blame capitalism, yet I see it as an opportunity for us to demonstrate what is important for and to us. And this is very powerful. Our money is basically our vote for what WE define as valuable.

In life coaching, I tell my clients that the reason this is working is not only because of my knowledge in personal development, universal truths and etc, it’s because of your VOTE IN on your personal development, your spiritual progression, from your investment. Sounds like a sales tactic, but hey, I don’t make the rules of energy. This is why I love the structure that is currently in place. Of course there are huge negative issues around capitalism rampant in the world, and I acknowledge that fully, as that is exactly why I am choosing to further positive work in the world through harnessing people’s voting power by influencing their awareness.

Every time I purchase something, I look for the intention behind it. There’s a gelato place I took my girls to yesterday (I coach a badminton team!) that I love and take everyone to. Firstly, the ice cream is delicious – it’s not overly sweet, the ingredients are pure and very fresh, and they’ve got cool flavors. The main reason why I’m always there however, is because of the intent behind their whole business. They let everyone try every single flavor if they choose to, with ZERO annoyance energetically. They ask their clients what flavors they’re desiring to try, they bring water to your table when you eat in (hot water during the cold winter days!), and when you order a latte, it includes a cookie spoon! Little details like this and more importantly, me feeling into their energy and intentions, demonstrate to me their customer focus and focus on bringing a delightful experience. That is how I vote with my money. And perhaps later on, there will be more customer focused manifestations and I would expect them to keep up with it if they still desire to retain me as a client. Nothing personal at all, and you can start to see how much influence we have on the world as people who will spend money.

When I see companies and businesses like this one, I elect to do the work in marketing for them. I’m currently working on a few that I am super passionate about and that is very exciting, same story with great intentions and customer focus. With Project Resonance, I’m assisting people in creating their marketing as a marketing service. So none of let me teach you how to think like I do because let’s face it, I think the way I do because I think the way I do, and not everyone thinks in this way, nor does everyone have the experience that I have in marketing and sales or being mentored by some powerful players in the world stage. I’ve attempted to teach/coach/mentor people into good marketing and honestly, I couldn’t get very far with anyone who didn’t already have the marketing mindset. I’m assuming it’s the same way as me learning coding. I am able to code, however to actually create something new, I know I’m not approaching it in the mentality that is conducive to successful coding.

I go extremely deep in marketing, and I think a lot deeper than even people who know me really well realize, because I not only do marketing, I infuse intuition to project the purchases of your products/services, ensuring through this process that it is NEW, FRESH marketing (which is the only way to resonate with your ideal clients). I harness the trajectory of your product/service and where it’s leading to, and I create marketing from that space, connecting your intention to where the potential clients are currently at, and I’m also able to powerfully “translate” what you mean from where you are to what your clients can hear from where they are (did I mention I speak 5 languages?).

I’m currently still testing out my Project Resonance, so if you’re interested in seriously upleveling your marketing at a really good rate, please use the contact form to connect with me and I will evaluate whether your business is one I would be happy to further sales goals.

Aside from Project Resonance, I’m just enjoying my life where I’m at and watching things come together and take form. I’ve become very focused on my Rinascere constantly, which has been a beautiful experience. It’s a very revealing experience, and as I create my new personal development materials and content (you are all so going to love it!!), I’m enjoying some of the best work I’ve done in my career in marketing and sales, as well as being in Grace to what’s next for me, which I feel will be extremely revealing and powerful.

Life is pretty amazing!

With love,

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