Getting Over the Difficult Bit in the Process of Transformation!

I’m so excited lately! I’ve just gotten back from a beautiful trip to Italy with my family, and planning my next steps around my own personal regular upleveling. Aside from the cool work I’ve been doing in marketing with Project Resonance, I’ve been seeing a shift in landscape around personal development and transformation. People are really waking up, making the leap to shift out of the old perspective and old ways of thinking (finally realizing that we’re no longer to maintain things the way they are, given the way things are going it’s not working!). I’m absolutely delighted about this.

I’ve received messages from people who visit this website, more people viewing my blog, people asking about life coaching, my lifelong friends and family starting to open up to personal development – and it’s not been something I’ve been as actively working on as Project Resonance.

I was inspired to create a video explaining the most difficult part of the transformation process and why it’s so difficult. My intention is to encourage and inspire those who are on the path to keep going and do what you can! This is where our lives are at now, this is what we are up to.


I’m still working diligently on Project Resonance, and I am also opening up transformational coaching for those who are ready to make the leap and get on their paths with greater support and greater clarity (if you’re into both life coaching and receiving marketing support in business, you’re in super-luck around working with me!). Having someone who’s been there and done it is really SO helpful, I was doing it all on my own and I was 19 at the time in a conservative traditionalist mindset community (thank goodness halfway I went to Italy).

Keep on the process! I’ll be updating here regularly about my personal life updates as well as personal development and Rinascere. Leave me a comment about what you received from the video!


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