A Guide to Self-Connection Once More

Hi everyone! I felt really called lately to spend a lot more time inside. I remember one of the core difficulties when I started my last relationship was not realizing that all the stuff I had done while I was by myself I had just stopped doing, and then I was wondering why I couldn’t feel me so much anymore.

It’s so easy to forget because it’s not something we can easily compare and contrast aside from benchmarking our feelings. In the awareness we’re at, that’s where we are.

Only when I’m connected with myself however, does the flow happen.

So I wrote thoughts out on this sitting at a cafe today and decided to write a more thorough version before going to bed today.

We all start on the same journey. A distracting world. Old pieces from past lives we’re still seeking to get. Total free will choice in thoughts to think. At any point in the journey, we can choose to be reborn. Sometimes literally reborn into a new body, sometimes just a conscious decision Rinascersi, to reborn oneself. At any point.

So here we start, mostly by ourselves either because we’re newborns, or because we’ve tired out the life we had before, that way that wasn’t working. So nothing to do, and lack of interest in the world around us. And first thing we notice is this little ball of light inside of us – we find this little delightful ball of light, and it feels so good to play with! We love it! It’s sparkly, it’s tingly and joyful. and as we match this, we find that suddenly, new things from the space around me begins to take place to match it. How exciting! Lots of excitement and happiness goes on as we discover the manifested world around us to match the energy of this little ball of light!

Then we have people to interact with. Fun stuff. Now others we used to interact with are asking us about what we’re doing. So more fun stuff! Now, the number of moving parts are increasing, as we have more and more delightful things to take our attention. And then that little ball of light..we’ve somehow slightly forgotten. Even though here and there every day we get to experience it, we certainly aren’t spending as much time as we are at the start.

Suddenly, it’s not that fun anymore. The moving parts begin to tire us out. The people we interact with sometimes are there, sometimes aren’t there. We think it’s them at first. We start blaming the people, then blaming the moving parts. Then we remember we are creators, so what happened? What’s going on? Why does it not feel as sparkly and tingly anymore?

And the little ball of light is always in the same place. It waits. Happily. Joyously. With its sparkle and tingle. Just love. No matter how far we deviate, no matter how long we deviate. It just sits there. And waits with zero judgment, and full trust and knowing of your eventual return to show you the expanded new pieces it has for you now.

Whenever you’re ready.




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