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Hi there incredible photographer!


My name is Catt and I’m an experienced model living in Taipei, Taiwan, while also being a transformational life and creative business coach. I’m writing this to share an incredible opportunity to collaborate and work together, but first, I wanted to share why I’m doing all this in the first place…

I completely transformed my life a few years back when I was on a study abroad semester in Milan, Italy. While the transformation occurred through relationships, resulting in an incredible Italian soul-mate manifestation story, the way I related to my entire life changed. From there, I decided to quit the track of taking LSATs and preparing for law school, and work on what I was truly passionate about instead: modeling and personal development/coaching.

After going back to LA from Milan to finish school, I started immediately working with photographers in LA while completing my pre-law degree. I had a connection with the camera from day one so I jumped full in and haven’t looked back. Because of my relationship with my fiance’, I was able to return to Milan and started working with photographers there as well. After countless shoots with some of the most amazing photographers, I learned a great deal about the industry internationally, and also some surprises for me about photographers…photographers had their insecurities too, had their issues with working with models, and most of all, so many of them were holding themselves back with certain mindset pieces and taking themselves out of the game because of these pieces that were easily transformed.

From all of this going on, I started working privately with photographers to uplevel their thinking so that they could create business structures and book high-quality clients with packages that worked. Being a model, I know exactly what their ideal clients are looking for and how they can present their packages. Also, as a personal development coach, I coach photographers to get the business structures (the less creative elements that are not their forte) together so that they can focus on the creative bits.

So where am I going with this message? Basically, I’m looking for your collaboration – I’m looking to book one pro-bono coaching client photographer for a 6 week trail version of my Artist’s Calling Creative Business Coaching package to work with some incredible, committed photographers, and give back to the community that I love. In return I ask for a well thought out testimonial that I can use for my business when promoting my services.

It’s your opportunity to get on the fast-track in understanding the industry, working intensively on your goals and desires, and booking clients so you can serve the world with your talent, get well-paid for your services, and live the life you truly love.

The kinds of things we work on in creative business coaching are:

+ Unblocking your limiting beliefs about being a creative photographer
+ Getting clear on your business vision and your desires
+ Setting up necessary business structures to book clients with ease and organization
+ Upleveling your thinking and mindset so that being a successful photographer comes naturally
+ Clearing the way for receiving financial abundance for your services
+ Coming up with a game plan to get you in front of the best clients and do great work out there

If you’re curious to know more about coaching, you can read an article here on coaching (this article is more about life coaching however, but it applies to business coaching). During our coaching, you are also free to ask me any questions about my expertise as a model in the photography industry.

The ideal client I am looking for is a passionate photographer who is very committed to making their photography business happen, and has a greater vision for who they desire to become. I look for clients who appreciate coaching, are highly coachable, are ready to do the work to make their dreams happen, and absolutely love what they’re moving towards!

If you think this is you and you would like to book a session with me, I invite you to click on the booking link below and schedule a session with me to see if we are a good fit to work together! I will accept the first 3 clients to be considered for the pro-bono package.

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