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Hi! Here is where I share more details about my story – I know you’ll be able to relate to some parts of it, or maybe a lot of it! I feel that the experiences I went through on living an inauthentic life, always putting others before me, and not even know where I would be able to start with self love – are universal stories of our society today. This fuels my passion to serve you and assist you in creating a more authentic life filled with saying YES to your desires.

I, like many young smart girls in our society, was very ambitious. I desired to do great things – I wanted to study political science and government to go to law school. I was born in California and moved to Taiwan when I was seven years old, where I went to school up to university. I attended an American school, and just being in this environment (American educational culture in a completely Asian society and culture) trained me to discern energy very well so that I could adapt and respond easily to the various situations. When I was sixteen years old, I was working at the Starbucks headquarters as an intern. It was there that I was first introduced to The Secret, which fire-charged my study of personal development. It caught my attention because I didn’t have an easy time growing up (conflicts with my family), so even though it sounded kind of woo-woo and phony to me, I knew there was something about this Law of Attraction deal that had to be important.

I came back to the US for college, first in Ohio. There I entered my first relationship that was a series of mishaps and problems almost nonstop for the 11 months we were “together.” I thought that if I proved myself to “be a great catch,” I would be wanted and have the happy end result, even if I needed to sacrifice now to get that. It was messy thinking – thoughts that just did not make sense in the real way of things.

I eventually not only had my heart completely broken but also was humiliated. I didn’t understand what was going on, as I did what everyone told me to do – prove that you are a great catch, be nice to everyone you meet, keep thinking of the other person and not yourself, hustle for your reputation, be so invincible to be undefeatable – yet I received such poor treatment. I resentfully concluded that it must be other people’s fault – so I transferred to a school in California.

Then it all came together a month after I transferred – I met a wonderful boy and now we’re happily together after 5 years.

Kidding! Of course not! My resentment and reluctance to let go of what happened to me led me to exactly the same experience over and over again – except this time, I wasn’t begging any of the guys to be my boyfriend. Eventually I met him – the guy who made everything I was doing fall apart. The guy I was sure was “the one” wanted nothing to do with me. It was then that I realized that I had nothing to blame but my own actions. It was a difficult period of time, but I started sharing my truth without concern for “my reputation.” I vulnerably showed myself – not this perfect person, but a person who made plenty of mistakes and just wants to be herself regardless of being judged or not. It wasn’t easy and I saw no “results” at first (for a while actually!), but I kept going, because I realized the way I had been doing it was never going to create the life I desired.

It took a while, and it really wasn’t an easy process. The next semester, I was in Milan, Italy for four months (a study abroad semester). There, my deep inner transformation occurred. I laid out a process for myself, a practice to love myself. That was my only goal – and surprisingly enough, I was able to stick with it this time.

I used loads of personal development materials, books, courses – you name it! I also went to therapy regularly over the summer before going to Milan – I was paid to teach Spanish, and I used the income to pay for therapy sessions every week! This was earlier on in my process however. I invested in my change and spiritual awareness, and in less than two months, I created and achieved what I had searched for my entire life. I experienced a transformation that allowed me to understand all that I had been reading about for years. Honestly, even I could hardly believe it – that’s how amazing it felt! I realized everything had always been there the whole time, I was just blind to it (yes all the cliches are true! I experienced them!). I had completely changed my thinking, and for the first time I understood what “Law of Attraction” was – because as my thoughts completely changed, so did my life and…my relationships.

I actually met a wonderful boy this time, and yes, we are together today, happily creating a life for both of us. He is Italian, and I live between Milan, Los Angeles, and home in Taipei regularly as I go about creating a life that is authentic to myself, my heart, and my desires..not bad for being willing to change I would say! 😉 I’d like to add that I think many people have the fantasy of meeting a special someone on study abroad, and being a girl who never got relationships to work and always yearning for a beautiful relationship, you can sure bet that I had this fantasy as well..and I’m so grateful that I’m one of the people who experienced this!

But that’s not the end of the story. When I came back to the US from Italy, I was so excited to talk about my experience of creating desires and success with my friends and classmates, yet I was surprised and really shocked to “remember” how unsuccessfully people thought. I saw how people’s thoughts were all programmed to mess everything up, and I was reminded that this was exactly how my mind worked too, when nothing was happening for me and I didn’t understand why. I saw that no matter how many books people could read on how to get what they desire, the way they were thinking was going to mess it up just as I did before over and over again! (And I did read a lot of books and do a lot of courses!) Even if they did manage to create it, it wouldn’t be easy to maintain what they created with the way they were thinking.

Structured thinking was one of the principal lessons I received during my committed study of personal development, but I hadn’t realized how prevalent the lack of structured thinking is amongst most people (even with extremely smart, bright, intelligent people), because prior to changing, I had been thinking that way too. I never noticed how much of a determining factor this was – and now, thanks to friends and classmates from a “previous life” (that’s what it felt like!), I saw how we can truly transform and change ourselves through proper thinking methods, and go out to create the life we desire!

A few years later, I came to the decision to devote myself to bringing the same kind of transformation to individuals who are truly desiring change and ready to create their desires. I am fully committed to working with passionate individuals who are ready to change their lives, invest in their own transformation, and meet me where I can guide them to true transformation. Nothing excites me more than to see people who are ready to own their lives and show up in the way they desire to be in the world – and actually step into it! I am here to take this journey with you, because your desires are important, and they are waiting for you.

They’re waiting for you to take the leap, make the change, implement structured thinking, find out exactly what they are, be authentic to you..and create that life as the person who lives these dreams inside of you!

About my Life Today
❤ I spend time every day to connect with myself and my desires. This practice is integral to my health and wellness routines.
❤ I have a pretty active lifestyle – my dad is exercises a lot and dragged us along all the time (even when I had headaches and a heavy period). Our whole family plays badminton!
❤ I juice and drink green smoothies pretty much every day, but I also have chic indulgence foods whenever I desire. I love burgers, pizza, pasta, ice cream – it’s all about feeling great!
❤ I love hanging out in IKEA – it uplifts my energy to enjoy beautiful set-ups and designs put together so beautifully.
❤ Aside from coaching, I work with amazing photographers as a model to create incredible pictures. I am so grateful I’ve met so many incredible artists through something I absolutely love to do.
❤ Los Angeles is currently my favorite city in all the countries I’ve been to and cities I’ve visited.
❤ My soul mate and I got together in Rome, la citta’ eterna, where we spent the night in Trastevere and he secretly threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain when I told him I didn’t really believe in making wishes like that. Even though he lived in Milan his entire life, he came to Rome for the first time (took up a same-day flight) to see me when I was visiting Rome for a long weekend.
❤ I love to cook – I love delicious foods so much, and my favorite (and only) TV show is Masterchef Junior.
❤  I am a bartender and love to mix drinks. Even though I stopped drinking alcohol, bartending is one of my favorite things to do, and the creation of a drink that tastes incredibly put together is a true passion of mine.

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