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Are you ready to take your life from ‘good enough’ to fantastically incredible?

You’re someone with big audacious dreams, and a strong inkling inside that there is something big waiting for you – somewhere, someday. There’s a desire inside of you to bring people together, to be in control of your life, and to feel really good every day, from the mundane to the remarkable.

Perhaps you’ve gotten tired of settling with okay, or maybe you just haven’t found the right support system to hep you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. In any case, you know that now is your time.

Now is your time to change the game, now is your time to claim your worth and your life, and now is your time to leap into the unknown and start doing things differently to get you where you want to go.


Here’s my story…

I spent my whole life working so hard for one thing: figuring out the right way to live, so that I could live happily. It was an [Asian] obsession, and it was all done out of sure my strong desire to be the best I can be, but also a fear that I would regret that I didn’t work hard enough in my life before.

Luckily enough, I had a strong Inner Knowing, stronger than the desire to figure out the right way to live because even if I was told, you must do this and that, I still felt strongly when something was not aligned with my truth that I felt inside.

However, this didn’t mean I didn’t get dragged into things. Other people’s things. The world other people told me to live in. Other people’s messy agendas and manipulative tactics. All the while knowing that this was wrong for me, it just tore me up (I’d rather be clueless about that Inner Knowing that it was wrong for me right??)

At a certain point, I started to feel like a life I was truly happy in just wasn’t for me. This was way too tiring and stressful! Maybe my desires just aren’t meant to be…have you ever told yourself this?

Somewhere deep down inside, I knew there had to be another way.

A few years later, through the pain of failed relationships, I started to work on myself from the inside out. I read personal development and relationship books, went to counseling and therapy regularly, and worked on uncovering my experiences honestly and committing myself to never living the way I had before again.

I committed to a fierce level of self-love and discovering what that truly meant. I committed to changing the way I thought and based on my own thinking, empowering my own thoughts.

They say the most difficult work of all is the work of thought. Sustained thinking. I was re-hauling my entire way of thinking, one from an ego-based survival mode into one of surrender of the ego, and trusting the Soul…

And a few months, not years later, from doing things differently consistently and with the purest, most authentic intention to be myself truly and lovingly…

I created an incredible life for myself. I was living in the most beautiful cosmopolitan-historic city of Milan in Italy, with a partner at the time that I was deeply in love with. We had a beautiful relationship and engagement over a period of four years. I loved being an Italian Housewife! One of my dearest dreams come true, and I was also an adopted cat mommy!

Then, as that relationship chapter closed, I took off on another amazing journey on uncovering a powerful career expression in the tech startup and education world. I had a fantastic time and learned so much being Director of Sales for a futuristic education leading-edge start-up company with a powerful vision, meeting so many interesting people from all over the world (this was in Taiwan!).

All this and more has happened from choosing to show up for myself, meeting the Universe halfway with my intention, and continuously, never-endingly shedding the illusions that keep me repeating the mistakes that didn’t bring me a life where I truly felt happy.

I would not say this were this not true: there is another way!
You can be honest, show up for yourself, love yourself, and create an incredible life filled with your desires.



Imagine creating a life that was truly a reflection of your desires and knowing it.

Imagine being so confident from the inside that you light up any room you walk into, and always stay grounded in your truth no matter what is going on outside.

Imagine how it would feel to be in control and never worry again, eliminate negativity from your life, and live without fear or stress.

Imagine always feeling certain about speaking and expressing your truth, in an authentic, self-loving way, so that your life is always true to your heart and desires.

Imagine what a relationship would be like in this authentic way, where both of you are able to freely be yourselves and create and share together in a way that brings out the best in both of you.

Imagine if you were able to truly hone in on, define clearly, and go after on what it is you absolutely love to do, so that you are excited every single day to what you’re about to wake up to, and go to bed feeling excited for what’s to come.

Imagine uncovering your true anchor – not your “life purpose” like saving penguins, but a true anchor that points to your inner north star and deepest “why” – and living and choosing all your decisions from that anchor.

Can you begin to imagine what kind of life that would allow you to create?



Almost everyone thinks I am lucky. And I know otherwise. I know what it takes to live in this way, and the price we have to pay (all those illusions we’d rather hold onto!) to have a mind that is attuned to our inner truth, and the joy that follows when we do. And the powerful transformation that takes place! That first transformation is truly the most difficult, where bit by bit over a period of time you implemented a process that eliminates thoughts that aren’t serving you, and the initial process of self-love that brings you to a completely different paradigm than the one you had always grown up with. That is the most difficult part! When your ego still has a strong hold and you know “all the things you should be doing.” (This is why I do what I do and offer coaching!)

Most people aren’t willing to change and transform to the extent I had, which is why they weren’t achieving the same experiences of diverse expressions I have.

The process of transformation is available to you too – you can create a life you feel truly happy in. Through working together, we’ll help you get clear on what it is that’s been blocking you and how to align yourself with clarity into what you truly desire. From coming from a space of what do I love, you’ll be able to start living every day with just a bit more connection to yourself, and bit by bit through coaching, you’ll find yourself in a whole new place and realize that this is what you came for..

What you’ll receive in a Private Intensive Coaching Package with Catt


In your private coaching package, you’ll receive:

  • An Exclusive Welcome Packet that allows you to dive deep inside and give me an idea of where you’re at, and also provide a benchmark.
  • A 2 Hour Intensive to show you who is controlling your mind, look at what’s going on in your life, prime you for our work together (assigned reading, programs, instructionals, etc.), and create a personalized syllabus for working through the system together – think of it as your own personalized Coaching Orientation!
  • Dreambuilders, Worksheets, and Reflection Assignments throughout the months based on your course and sessions to dive deep into your self discovery and get clear on what you desire
  • 20 Weekly Private Coaching Calls (60 min. each) with Catt: here is where the magic happens! Bring me your life experiences and we’ll question them out to dissolve the illusions and negative thought patterns and blocks! It will be your own mental training, and after these sessions I swear (okay don’t hold me to it read the disclaimer, but seriously) your mind will start thinking in a different way when you face the same problems. I’ll also teach you all I know from all the investments and personal development I’ve studied, and see you at your next vision of transformation! These happen roughly weekly and you will be able to schedule them yourself.
  • Unlimited Email Access to Catt to stay connected throughout the week, receive support to your questions, and support you between calls.
  • A 2 Hour Closing Call to see how far you’ve come, and also help set you out for your next steps!

The System in Brief

My Signature System is a way of making the integration of energy possible to create what you desire. In this package, you’ll learn to:

  • Regain control of your mind, and get in touch with yourself and what you desire
  • Understand energy integration and universal laws
  • Expand your awareness and raise your consciousness to more self-love, allowing more to come in
  • Change your thoughts, expand your worldview, and really start thinking differently from before
  • Implement and use your naturally successful mindset system
  • Design your life and your desires
  • Integrate energy and hone in on the energetic essence of your desires
  • Re-tune and re-orient yourself towards new desires

Investment and Payment Plans

You will receive:

  • An empowering in-depth Welcome Packet
  • One 2 hour in-depth intuitive coaching intensive
  • Twenty 60 minute weekly follow-up sessions
  • One 2 hour closing life coaching intensive with a follow up plan
  • Unlimited email access for questions and idea discussion for six months


$6000 in full for a 6 month customized and individualized 1-on-1 intuitive private coaching for life and transformation with Catt Kaizen, with two in-depth intensives and follow-up sessions scheduled approximately once a week

Payment Plan Option:

$1600 deposit and 5 additional payments of $1000 scheduled every month
(Total Investment: $6,600)

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A Call For Working Intensively and Constantly Towards Your Dreams and Desires…


I know what it feels like to live an inauthentic life, and that you just have to deal with it. The reason why my life is an expression of what I desire is because I said no to living that way, and yes to being willing and open to change, and invested in myself to understand all this.

Life can be the same for you, too. When you commit to your own transformation for you, then work intensively and constantly towards your dreams and desires in the right way, life reveals so much more for you than just the manifestations. You will come to understand your past experiences and use them to create an incredible life for yourself.

If you’re someone reading this, I know that you know it isn’t about the money, it’s about your life and how good you’re willing to let your life be. It’s about finally feeling free to be yourself in your life, to authentically express who you are no matter what anyone else says or does.

Are you ready for change in your life? This is a call for you to transform your life – life will never be the same for you again!

You don’t need to settle anymore. Take the step to commit to your dreams and desires today.

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