Shopping is so fun, especially for things that uplift and expand your energy! On this page you’ll find what’s available and in store from Catt Kaizen Coaching & Services, and the opportunities to work with me one-on-one to create true transformation.

Private Intensive Coaching Packages


You+Me+My Signature System=Life, Authentically! (12 week & 24 week packages)
These packages are designed for those of you who are ready to create your own transformation, shed the unnecessary baggage and concerns, and create a life that freely reflects your authentic choices and desires.

My 90 day and 180 day coaching programs are designed to take you through change and transformation with my signature system – a system that involves clearing your mind of all the mess and then deliberately creating your desires!

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Sampler Coaching Packages (Coming Soon!)

Catt-Cmont1This special package is for those who desire to get a taste (un assaggio, in Italian!) for the power of working intensively on your transformation and experience the power of having a private coach to shift your vibe and create changes. We work on the basics of mindset and work on grasping the ideas in design and manifesting.

These are packages are 1 month packages, and I only take on a few of these per month, so if you are feeling a calling to this, I can’t wait to show you and help you experience what private coaching can do for you. Book your package today.

(Coming soon!)

Group Coaching Programs (Coming soon!)

IMG_8641_201Group coaching can be a fantastic way to receiving transformational coaching through a lot of knowledge and the ability to personally ask me questions and connect with others on the same journey as you! You’ll learn from what others bring up in the group energy, and together we work on understanding what structured thinking is and how to change your thinking to set your thoughts to succeed.

I work with a variety of topics ranging from just mindset to design courses and even personal development for teens. Group sizes will vary but are generally on the small side with limited spots.

(Coming Soon!)

Letters of Positive Upliftment

IMG_8552_136_croppedThis is a project I’ve been doing for a long time. One of my gifts is to write personalized, uplifting letters to others, and send them especially when they need it. This is an opportunity for you to receive, through traditional snail mail, a written card from me to you, from wherever I am on the globe (usually between Los Angeles, Milan, or Taipei) at the moment, to encourage and uplift your spirits. It’s a great way for a small upliftment in your energy field for the day. You can request details and send yourself some upliftment on the page linked below!

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5 Elements of Bringing Your Desires Into Reality (e-guide)
cattkaizenThis e-guide is a free guide to exploring the 5 elements that create a life you desire as a gift from signing up to my list. I share the imperative elements of creating a life by design so that you can get started in looking at what is in store for you as you set about creating the life you desire.

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