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Hi there, I’m Catt.

I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. I started my journey in California, but spent most of my life growing up in Taipei. I came back to the US to study for my university studies and degree. During my time in university, I spent a semester abroad studying in Milan, Italy, and ended up living in Italy for a few years. In 2019, I moved to London, where I lived for three years, before moving to Massachusetts.

Despite trying to be settling type, I’ve been cast as a free-spirit and travelled a lot, living in many different places and meeting so many different people. I was inspired to study many languages and learn about different cultures. Most of all, understanding different ideologies based on history, geography, language, and the current world hegemony.

My life has been a lot to do with the ideologies and beliefs that helped my family and I adapt in the world with integrity. I started this self-titled blog in 2014, as a way to document my personal development journey. I always seek to devote more time to writing a lot of the ideas that are constantly in my mind, hoping I can form them into words with which to be contended and trialed. It is my prayer that through the honest sharing of our journeys, we can cultivate the story of a stronger philosophy for humanity together.

With gratitude, love, and appreciation,

Catt xx

On my personal life and philosophies

Academically, I completed my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE), and am primarily passionate about economics out of the three disciplines. I love how economics is a theoretical and applicable system that makes sense. Unfortunately, corruption in the world does not allow us to play out the principles of economics. Fortunately, each and every one of us have a hand in contributing to that, and thus, resolving it.

I have strong faith in the world we do not see, and an urge to know the truth in a given case or situation. It is never easy to follow principles, but it is clear that it is much worse to not follow them. While I eagerly celebrate different expressions of being human, I am extremely unyielding when it comes to laws and principles. It is only through adherence to law that we can build a world that functions with high levels of Power, Power with which we can continue to evolve into greater expressions and continue to expand creatively upon who we last were, and who we can now become.

I was raised in a Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianist religious upbringing. I have always had a strong affinity to traditional Christianity (Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox), and enjoy studying scripture and examining faith in the Catholic/Orthodox religion.

I spent a part of my professional career writing marketing stories for people, listening to their experiences and helping them articulate their intentions to create them into stories. I still have many untold stories to write, but it isn’t what I do for work anymore.

For work, I do technical implementation in a software company, and study software engineering and coding. Tech is an industry I intend to stick to, and am very passionate about.

I’ve studied a number of languages. I was born speaking English and Mandarin, and I studied Spanish since I was nine as a second language. I learned Italian while living in Italy, and I started studying Russian and Bulgarian when I was living in London.

I don’t really know where my life and my ideologies/philosophies will take me next. It seems like just as I seem to know something, everything around it crashes and I have to find another way to do things all over again.

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Thanks again for visiting and hanging out with me!

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