Who I am
Hi there! I’m Catt. Welcome to my personal blog!


Professionally, I’m a personal development/life coach as well as a high school badminton coach, and a marketing and sales consultant. I’m currently in the process of rebirthing (well constantly always rebirthing actually) my personal development work while working on other things, and I update this website to stay in touch with everyone.

If you spend two days with me, or perhaps even two hours, the first thing I intend for you to recognize about me is the intensity in which I stick to truth and uncovering more truth in every moment of now. You could say I have an athlete’s mentality, for everything I approach, and especially when it comes to spiritual Truth.

Coming “out into society” a few years ago, I acknowledged a few important facts about myself from developing my career as well as experiencing relationships. I come from a privileged background, and because of many factors in the experiences I had growing up, I am able to do many things, understand many truths just from the environment I was surrounded by. Things like my athlete’s mentality, I have to attribute to my father, and his career certainly demonstrates a great deal of that persistence and knowing how things are created.

The personal development/spiritual truth understanding side however, was completely my own path. It’s not something of much discussion in my family or background I grew up in, and I love the way Life has always presented exactly what is right for any of us at any time; my persistence and athlete’s mentality happens to be a perfect match to discovering and experiencing universal truth when I was twenty years old.

Since my experience of the Divine, I’ve spent another few years exploring the “way things are right now,” as well as harnessing even more gifts from my privileged background of how I can better serve the world. The level of understanding I have is constantly expanding and in expansion, therefore I would frame it as a constant unfolding, as everything, even spiritual truths, is.

My sole purpose is to share truth with the world, in the way I move hearts through relentlessly pushing people to become their best athlete too, to rebirth in every moment of now, dedicate yourself so fully to your truth and alignment that you just can’t help but to have the most amazing experience of life you came for. To do this, I focus a lot on rewriting the stories of our collective societal consciousness through the work I do. All my careers have had this innately within them, and I’ve been relentless with this truth.

If you’re here and you’re reading this, I’m certain you’re one of these people that will be dedicating yourself fully to your own truth. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to uncover your greatest depths of your greatest and grandest expression, as well as coaching you to constantly strive to be better than you were in the last moment even, and reach for that which is calling to you, your Divine Purpose and Greatest Truth. Rebirth yourself. (That’s what Rinascere means by the way, to rebirth)

Other things about me:

  • I was born in Silicon Valley, California (my dad works in the high-tech industry) twenty-five years ago on the fourth of July. I loved every bit of my early childhood experience that I can recall about living in California.
  • Although I am born on a day of utmost importance to the USA, I consider myself “European.” Both my parents are Taiwanese, and I wouldn’t consider them first generation or anything because halfway through that plan we moved to Taiwan. In Taiwan I learned so much about myself and my identity, this special third culture experience where I was living in the traditional roots of my heritage, yet received an American-European education that was focused on highly progressive Western ideas. This clash didn’t do well with me for many years, until I identified that I just consider myself European – super culturally traditionalist, and also very Western.
  • I lived in Italy for a few years with my partner at the time. It was a delicious experience being a classic Italian Housewife cooking fresh Italian food and cultivating my home with my previous partner. I speak Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese and English. Now, I’m not that keen on learning languages. I’ve noticed sometimes I wish I could not understand certain languages, especially when I’m in the sauna at the gym relaxing post-workout and these Taiwanese ladies are talking about ISIS in Chinese and Taiwanese.
  • I graduated from Claremont Men’s McKenna College in 2014 and received my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE). I love that school like a warm Californian day – some days you match it, some days you don’t. After my experience when I was twenty I had some conflict of interest in school and what we were studying. Those Trader Joe’s bike trips have me dipping my toes in nostalgia though! (It’s a great school, I’m a different ball game.)
  • I love performing. I’ve got a taste for singing and modeling.


Coaching and Personal Development


Huge topic here. Some of my best work I consider done through coaching because of the shifts that occur in people’s mindset and hence their lives when they invest in themselves, make the absolute decision that they’re going to change this aspect of themselves, and hire someone who knows what they’re talking about to assist them to get there.

I vet my clients thoroughly. If I feel I cannot assist someone I do not coach them. I have the experience to know when it’s a right click or not, and I am able to tell you why on a discovery call.

Coaching is absolutely transformative. I know it’s an investment and that is partially because when you’ve decided to do this for yourself, real change happens. The other, more important reason, is because of the value you’ll be getting through your coaching. Comparing it to a flight and the experience you get when you travel, you will come to understand how much more valuable your mindset shifts are and collapsing the timeline is. Perhaps you’re looking for The One, and you work a full time job and do great in your career. Not likely that you can be like I was when I was 19 years old studying in school with zero financial consideration to constantly study personal development. Even today as a full time career woman, I go the coaching route for myself. It’s like absorbing three personal development books except over three sessions, and removing the time it takes to interpret it properly, then take another few months to implement it since you have no accountability.

Consider it the ultimate investment, as you’re basically tuning a mind that can create what you desire as well as be happy in every moment now and now and now.

So, who’s ready to work with me? 😉

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