Hi there, I’m Catt.

Young at heart, deep thinking, I’m currently living and working in London, making my way in my life as best I can, with as much grace and humility as possible.

I was born in California, grew up in Taipei, and went to university in the US while spending a semester abroad in Italy. I ended up living in all these places for a good amount of time, and at the start of 2019, I moved to London and started a new work life here.

People talk about their love and desire for travel, and I’ve never related to it, because I’ve been traveling my whole life, without having planned it. I’m naturally curious about people, and thus, the world, cultures, history, and ideologies. I spend all my time seeking to understand more of it, and that leads me to such interesting places.

I grew up raised in a culturally Asian family, with its challenges and difficulties, and also its gifts. Growing up, I struggled with the culture, but I ultimately came to embrace many of the traditional Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianist values with which I was raised. I realized how deeply these expressions were rooted in my inescapable DNA, destiny, and continued heritage. I’d like to make my life an expression of an honorable homage to these beliefs that helped us – my family and I – adapt in the world we live in today.

I started this self-titled blog in 2014 as a way to document my personal development journey, and it became many things over the years as the world of personal development, online blogging, and social networking shifted and changed the way we live our lives. Today, I’d like to make it about the unfolding of my journey into greater truths, and being able to express that with as much virtue, beauty, and integrity – the three values I hold with deep reverence – as I possibly can.

Through the sharing of our journeys and the connection we can experience through these mediums, we can all be inspired in little or big ways that will help us cultivate a stronger humanity through the improvement of each individual expression of who we are.

With gratitude, love, and appreciation,



On my personal life and philosophies

I’m an enthusiastic fan of tea, good books, feeling connection, juicing, IT tech/software architecture, and cultural understanding. Academically, I completed my undergraduate degree in PPE – Philosophy, Politics, Economics – and am primarily passionate about economics out of the three disciplines. I love how economics is a highly sophisticated theoretical and applicable system that just works, given the principles outlined, and the way it maps it all together. I get highly animated when discussing how we can move toward making the principles of economics work out in the real world – which although seldom happens, is still my idea of the ideal to work toward.

I live in London, in a beautiful, vibrant neighborhood up north in Hackney called Stoke Newington. I work at balena, a SaaS company in the IoT industry, as a Team Coordinator (if you’ve ever used Etcher, that’s from balena!). I love where I live, and I love my company!

I have a sister to whom I am deeply bonded and close. Apart from sharing each others’ clothes, we speak about everything from badminton training to guides and angels, and are both deeply committed to working on bringing out who we are to the best of our abilities. She’s currently studying to be a physical therapist (with intuition!) and has a physio blog that can be found (soon haha).

I also love playing guitar, singing, songwriting, and playing/training for badminton and boxing. I’ve always had a clear sense of living an active lifestyle, and I’m always finding ways to express more of truth in art, which has always felt close to me.

I have strong faith in the world we do not see, the spiritual realm, and an urge to know the truth in any given case or situation. It’s not easy to follow these principles, but it is much worse to not follow them. While I eagerly celebrate different expressions of being human, I am steadfast and extremely unyielding (for myself as well as with others) when it comes to laws and principles. It is only through adherence to law that we can build a world that functions with high levels of Power, Power with which we can continue to evolve into greater expressions and continue to expand creatively upon who we last were, and who we can now become.

As mentioned, I was raised in a Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianist religious upbringing. However, I always had a strange and strong affinity for Catholicism.

I’ve enjoyed many beautiful, deeply connecting relationships from since I was young. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had at least one close friend close by.

I spent a part of my professional career writing marketing stories for people, listening to their experiences and helping them articulate their intentions to write them into stories.

I’ve always taken up a deep fascination and interest in each individual I meet, and seek to inspire them to see this within themselves.


If you’d like to connect more with me, find me on Instagram @cattkaizen

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