Hi there! I’m Catt, so great to meet you! Thank you for reading my blog!


I’m really glad you’re here, truly. Many people find my blog from of the Abraham Hicks workshop review I did in early 2015. It’s been a long time since that post so much has changed.

My intention with creating this blog years ago was for me to share personal development and be another voice – a more casual (and young!), storybased voice – to inspire people to get involved with their personal healing, personal development, spiritual seeking, and get intimate with their inner life – the place where everything originates and happens.

Personal development has been such an important part of my life. At a young age I read self-help books and personal development because they spoke to a deep part of me that was always inspired no matter what difficult things went on in my life – the part of me that deep inside me said: life can be a truly inspiring and beautiful experience.

My life at the time, between the ages of ten to seventeen, like most people, contained its share of wound-creations and hardships. I grew up in a privileged background, focused around projecting a curated, perfect outer world – how others perceive us, reputation, money, societal status, getting more stuff etc. – and completely ignoring and disregarding the importance of the inner world.

Through personal development and a deep commitment to the soul, I began to develop understanding of a different reality from what I was taught, and experienced a profound paradigm shift when I was twenty. As a student, I spent the majority of my minimum wage part-time waitressing and research assistant money on hundreds of personal development programs – from hypnosis NLP audios to chakra healing meditations to mindset books.

The dedication and devotion to yourself truly pays off – while knowing and acting upon the truth comes at a cost, it’s far more worth it than the costs that come from acting upon ignorance.

No matter where you’re at in your journey, I encourage you to be devoted to your path of personal development and spiritual awakening, because no matter how successful you become in your outer world or what you do to prioritize other aspects of life, this aspect of life – your soul work – will always be the one to which you will eventually come back to devote yourself.

It is my intention that the stories and insights I share on my blog will inspire you to your own devotion to your path and your personal development.

If you’re inspired to it, please connect with me on my social media channels below! Always with an intention to inspire deeper thinking and love.


My personal life..

  • I was born in Silicon Valley, California. I spent most of my childhood in Taipei and went to University in the US at Oberlin College & Claremont McKenna College (received my BA here), and Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy.
  • I work in marketing as a copywriter and a marketing consultant. I develop stories around the deeper intention behind companies, and make it applicable, usable marketing materials.
  • I play guitar, sing, and write songs. I intend to have my music produced professionally someday.
  • I am a badminton athlete and a Head Coach of a girls badminton team in Taipei. I love watching and playing badminton, to me it’s truly a sport with which we can move forward in consciousness.
  • I have a wonderful younger sister I am really close to, we are best friends and she is a super intuitive person, which makes my life with her so fun.
  • I love to cook, bake, sing, play badminton, model, take photos, study personal development and deeply live.

Connect Further With Me

I would love to be sharing all the content I could create with you – if it can positively inspire your life.

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