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How I do my Marketing Philosophy

Speaking with an industry professional for one of my marketing projects on a restaurant, he said, “In the past, a restaurant was just about whether the food was good. Nowadays, it’s all about how social-media popular a solid restaurant is – you can have restaurants with excellent food, but they are not ‘instagram-worthy’ and ‘lifestyle’ enough, and they end up closing.”

This guy has been a manager in the restaurant industry for over twenty years, and as competition continues to grow, this phenomena will bleed into every industry.

With the internet, we have access to much information, and that means we’re able to look up and know a lot more about a country, a company, a product/service than ever before.

Surprises are in the past, it’s only about whether you do your research or not: all the tourist traps are detailed online, if something goes wrong with a company everyone knows about it, trends are noted in less time than ever before, and the latest gadgets or experiences are known immediately (sometimes gone that soon as well).

Amidst all of these changes, what I work to ensure is a business focusing its marketing efforts on bringing value to a client through the vision, intention, and the impact it is creating for the world.

What do these changes mean for Marketing?

I see all of these changes as the greatest positive changes that have happened for a long time. It means that people are actually going to THINK about things – something I have always wished people would do more of – before they make purchases, or important life decisions. The outflow effects of this are endless – and can just as easily go well or wrong.

My purpose has always been to bring greater understanding and consciousness to the world in whichever way my talents provide, and having worked in marketing and sales in companies that do not follow this direction, it became clear to me that if a final result was going to go against my purpose, I would not do the work.

To me, understanding and consciousness is about the choice to know more, the choice to gain more wisdom that we have lost over the years, and I’ve found business has the opportunity to create this through marketing.

Moving to an age where it’s clear that what we do affects the whole, larger picture, the work I do with my clients is not only about marketing. Rather, it’s about conveying the intentions we have in changing the world to a more conscious, self-responsible and self-accountable world – and how we go about making that happen.

Sample Copywriting Works

Below are some samples of my work with selected clients, in full-length story form. Please note that my clients own the copyright to the content, and are subject to laws as such.

Akemi B. Katsuki Prenatal Fitness Trainer Story

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Zivazi Change Series, Monthly Newsletter – Prose Writing Sample

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