Why is personal development not working for me?

I’ve been reading personal development ever since I could read. Ok, maybe a few years after that, but I always loved books and movies that would promise a possibility of a different life through inner change. I am still in love with the possibilities personal development opens us to if we are willing (or perhaps a better word would be eager) to look at the ways in which we can change ourselves, and thus change our lives.

I can’t tell you how many personal development programs I’ve purchased and done online. How many counselors/coaches/therapists I’ve shuffled through. How many books I’ve read and reread, really wanting to improve and up my game so that I could better serve the world (ambitious perhaps, but not delusional!). And throughout the whole journey, no matter where I’ve come to, there is the possibility that I arrive at a time and space where I find myself thinking:

Why is personal development not working for me?

I know in my last blogpost I shared that I really achieved a very pure clarity that allowed me to see everything in my life the way it truly was and not as the illusions that made me suffer. And I also said this:

These systems started to work when I applied them in a certain way.

This quote of “a certain way” comes from The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. I realized that was what happened as I was writing about what I was doing, and thinking about how it hasn’t really been that way since that experience (as I share on this blogpost, I never seem to get things to work out for me). That certain way I guess could be described as “connecting with my soul,” as my previous blogpost was talking about, but that can be seen as airy fairy and really, what does that even mean if you don’t even believe we have a soul, or don’t know what that means?

Well recently I’ve been humbly inspired to another piece of this “certain way” business that really caught my attention. It came from listening to a couple of interviews and rereading the book of Anita Moorjani, Dying to be Me (which to me is a must read!).

Here’s the idea. Personal development is basically “promising” us that we will live a “happier” (or “more successful” or “more fulfilled”) life as a result of doing what they suggest. While a lot of this information is truly fantastic (and true, and very actionable and real), there is a big pitfall in such a promise. That is that we literally, actually, reality-ly, physically, metaphysically, nonphysically, cannot find ourselves in a space of happiness/success/fulfillment if we are looking for the answer outside of ourselves. And this is the state many people are in when they do come to personal development.

We realize that this whole time we’ve been doing things out of fear of something else, out of avoidance of something, rather than out of true desire. And when we approach personal development in this way, we are signing up for failure, every. single. time. without. fail.


Well if we accept the law of attraction, we know that you attract that which you fear. Thus, if you’re doing anything for the purpose of avoiding something, you will attract that something you’re avoiding. So if we’re looking at how to become financially successful out of a desperation to avoid being a financial failure, if that is what we are motivated by (this is what I mean by “outside of ourselves”), I personally don’t see how it could, metaphysically/physically/nonphysically speaking, ever work out and have us come out as a financial success. At best, it would be a quick fix or create the longterm struggle, produced purely through action.

If we get on the treadmill to avoid being fat, if we take the job out of fear of not paying the bills, if we marry the person out of fear of never being wanted, if we go to a party out of fear of being rejected, if we think positive to avoid negative manifestations, we will ultimately find ourselves unhappy, even if we are able to keep up with the exterior world. If we apply personal development to avoid being unhappy with ourselves or avoiding a certain situation or circumstance, I personally strongly believe that this is why a lot of personal development “isn’t working.”

Quick story to illustrate the point: I have a set of books called A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw. The lessons in this book were absolutely essential to creating my first miracle in relationships. It talks a lot about (ironically) why personal development doesn’t work, focusing mostly on the way our minds are working against us. The first time I read this, it was revelatory to me. My questions were answered through this book, and in that “round of realization and miracles,” it was exactly what I needed. Being in control of my mind was the foundation to creating a relationship I desired.

After my clarifying experience through cleaning my thoughts up, I left that space of pure clarity and I instantly recognized, due to past experience, that I was not in control of my mind – because I had figured this out the first time, and that had been the problem. I was thinking “Oh GOOD, I get to shortcut it this time without going through the worst experiences – let me just get my bum back to cleaning up my thoughts and controlling my mind!” Yet, I went through crappy experiences again. And that wasn’t because of the information (very seldom is it really about the information itself – I won’t say never though because there is some crap out there). It was because I was completely motivated by my fear of wrongthinking, messy thoughts, lack of structured thinking, being out of control of my mind, being controlled by my ego, and living a life I didn’t desire, that I kept reaching for these books and desperately tried applying the lessons! And guess what I got?

(Are you one of these people too?)

Another example is meditation. I see things like this all the time: meditation gives you more time because it relieves your stress and makes you more productive, and you get to connect with answers that you otherwise would spend days figuring out. What is this, the overfunctioning burnt-out workaholic’s special? Where we feed only more of the ego in the promise that we’ll make more things happen and gain more prestige and more money and more more more… (not saying there’s anything wrong with making things happen, prestige, money, or more, but chasing these things certainly doesn’t give us the experience of “having” them!)


The opposite of this (the certain way!) is to be motivated by desire. This is the complete opposite to doing something to avoid something you don’t want. They may be the same things, for instance, getting married. But one being done out of desire to be expressing life with another vs one being done out of not wanting to feel like an old bag are completely different things!

Reading more and more personal development out of fear of the unhappy life just isn’t going to get you the happy life, as weird and meta as that sounds. Connecting with desire will. Maybe at some point I will pick up the personal development books and programs that do serve me, but it will be after I let myself come from a place of desire rather than avoidance.

Connecting with desire isn’t a difficult thing either; remembering to do so may be, just as creatures of habit, but you instinctively know the difference. A tip is just ask yourself whenever you’re aware of it: am I doing this out of the desire in my heart, or am I just trying to run away from something else?

Always let your heart decide, and get clear on what that means. Trust me, you don’t want to waste your time TRYING SO HARD to APPLY THESE DARNED PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PRINCIPLES and GOSH DARN IT WHY IS IT NOT WORKING ALREADY?? Yeah, it’s not pretty. I’ll take that emotional craziness for you and encourage you to connect inside starting now, so that you don’t have to do that emotional craziness I did.

And if you’re thinking of applying what I’m writing here out of avoiding not getting what you want in personal development..well just think of what that’s creating!



11 responses to “Why is personal development not working for me?”

  1. Hi Catt, I need to read this again, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve been at the personal development thing for nearly 15 years. Yes, I have had good things happen I believe as a result of my change in thinking, but as you said, I’m still waiting for some of the big changes. Some great points to ponder. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Gerry! Thanks for reading and commenting. I think it’s something a lot of people experience. I didn’t notice it until recently and I’m really grateful I did. I posted it on our membership site because I felt a lot of people have been experiencing it too. Re-read it, lol funny to say this but I re-read my own post to pattern interrupt too! Best wishes Gerry, you’ll get there!! Trust yourself!

  2. Thank you for sharing! It was not until I was 24 years old that I realized I was the only one who could improve how I felt about myself and improve my life. That was when I found out about Law of attraction and Abraham Hicks.

    My entire life transformed and I now love to inspire hope to others who have also been through difficulties. ♡♡♡

    • Hi! Thanks for reading and commenting! I agree, point of change is within ourselves! I love abraham hicks too, so glad to connect with you in this way!
      xx Catt

      • I am happy too, it is wonderful to get to know more good-feeling friends 🙂

        I wish you a magnificent day / evening ☆

  3. Catt, I would like to hug you right now. Thank you for this insightful post. I have whipped myself into an emotional flurry with personal developing. I am going to back off from my goals a bit and reassess where I am coming from as I approach each of my “projects”. I am feeling rather frumpy, dumpy, soggy and boggy. Not states one goes out seeking to find after years of work. Or rather not states one “believes” to be seeking out during years of personal growth work. I undertook a course for profit making out of fear of not having enough. And guess what? Now I feel triple like I don’t have enough. I am on my first go-around with Andy Shaw’s Creating a Bug Free Mind. I will readjust. I will create my design and I will locate my desire, I know I put it around here somewhere!

    • Hello Jackie! Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting. I am grateful that the info I shared on my blog has given you a breath of relief and I’m even more glad you found it! We are all in the process of becoming, this is one step to it. Andy’s material is great but I have decided for the time being to set it down for a bit. The first time I self-realized, Andy’s material was absolutely mind-blowingly amazing and delivered 101%. This time though, I kept picking it up out of fear of not being in control with my life, which led me to a spiraling disaster. I’m remembering and embracing more about myself throughout this process, and it’s much deeper and richer than I ever anticipated. It will happen for you, I know it as a certainty. Stay in touch and sending you a big hug back! xx Catt
      PS – it’s worth it. The self-realization or whatever people want to describe it as. It is FULLY worth all the pain and tears and roughgoings. I wouldn’t have this any other way ❤

  4. Hi Catt, a really great blog, a different perspective to that of Andy’s teaching, but then again fundamentally the same. I have noticed since starting ABFM (4 years and counting) that I seem to reach my desires more quickly when I go for them for the right reasons, a desire for that outcome, or a deep desire for a particular material object. It never works coming from fear or because you don’t desire the opposite. I must admit I never looked at it that way before so thank you for opening my eyes to why some things work out the way you desire and sometimes they don’t. I think you still have to be happy first though!
    All the best Catt

    Phil xx

    • Thanks Phil! ❤ Love it, I agree you have to be happy first, which isn't always something we're totally aware of!
      And I love that, a deep desire for the outcome/object. It's so juicy 🙂

      Lots of love!

  5. Hi Catt!
    All I can say is thank you! Of course I found this at the perfect time and in the perfect way for me! 🙂

    So good! So, so good! Thank you!



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