My Honest Review: Abraham Hicks Workshop

I just attended an Abraham Hicks workshop recently and felt like I should share what it was like for me, since I always wondered and never really found any interesting reviews prior to attending!

Throughout this whole experience I felt a little anxious and nervous, mostly because I was excited and that made me have ants in my pants (I was anxious and nervous in the eager kind of way), as I had been listening to Abraham recordings on YouTube almost nonstop for an entire year! On top of that I had been reading their books for even longer.

I didn’t read and listen to Abraham because I needed to know what was going on and validate that. I had an experience in 2012 where I trained myself, thought by thought, into a state of pure clarity and all-knowing understanding, and I saw myself and the world as it truly was for a period of time. What I found from listening to Abraham Hicks after was that everything they describe and “tell us we should do” is exactly what I experienced. I didn’t achieve it through following their teachings. I achieved it through thought cleansing, removal of all obstacles and “bugs” (as Andy Shaw would say), and my vision transformed into a state of pure knowing for about a month’s time. The closest I’ve felt the experience I had being described was in Anita Moorjani’s beautiful book, Dying to be Me where she describes her near death experience and what she saw from that perspective. I also found Anita’s book two years after my experience.

AHP Workshop timer
The workshop timer

Going to the workshop was something I had wanted to do for a long time because I had a couple of questions. I was really eager to ask some of my questions.

I arrived and found a great spot next to a few nice people. One thing I felt throughout the workshop was a level of trust I don’t usually have. I trusted leaving my bag on my spot, I trusted everyone would be kind, I trusted everything would work out really well. It felt like there was an understanding that we were all in there as positive, support for each other. And I experienced that in the first moments where I didn’t have the right change for a product I wanted to purchase. The lady next to me gave me the change I was missing – and said “that’s for you!” I was so happy and touched it was like one of those good help-people-out experiences (which in general life I tend to not have). I felt like this place was really cool, everyone at least tried to know and act on what was positive and helpful.

However as this feeling prolonged and grew and the more it stretched out, the stranger it felt. The workshop itself was pretty much as you hear online – Esther introduced herself, she connected to Abraham and began speaking Abraham’s message. They always kind of have a “talk point” – the grid, high-flying disc, upstream or downstream, let go of the oars, path of least resistance, unconditional love, the vortex – the talk points of the workshops lately have been path of least resistance and unconditional love. It was cool to see it happening live and that feeling of “You can’t be sure what’s coming next,” although if you’ve been listening to Abraham for a long time, they kind of give the same message in different ways. Then they get someone in the “hot seat” and answer their questions, have segments of refreshment every hour of talking, then call on more people and do the same. That’s pretty much how the workshop goes, and that was what happened.

In regard to the uncomfortable feeling I was talking about, first of all, it seemed like everyone there had some dramatic story they overcame – as Abraham would say, “dig yourself a hole to climb into and everyone will clap when I climb out.” Left and right hearing people interact with each other, all I heard was “yeah I was having such a difficult time and then this and that happened to me and I found Abraham/angel cards/I got into my vortex and everything’s been like yeah, SO AWESOME. SO GLAD TO BE HERE. ALL IS WELL.” And “well two years ago I had this spiritual experience where these spiritual beings talked to me.” And “I had the worst time for a long time then, I realized it’s all my resistance I just gotta get into my vortex and now everything in my life is so awesome it’s just so so good. My life is so good. So good. I’m SO in the vortex all the time now, THANKS TO ABRAHAM.” – just things of this nature everywhere. I felt uncomfortable because I knew I had a broader perspective experience, but honestly, I would never share it like that. I share it lightly/generally here to contextualize, and I share it to people who seek answers. I never once during that workshop ever shared my experience, and the sharing of these things made it really strange, almost like an attempt to self-validate.

The other thing I noticed was that while Abraham was talking, people all around would be like “MMM.” “Yes.” “Yeah.” But mostly, “Mmm.” Over and over again while Abraham was talking. And it was from this  that I realized what felt so wrong about the workshop: This is what happened when I attended Christian retreats. The pastor would be talking (and I’m not Christian at all), and I’m interested to hear what he has to say, and then it needs to be interrupted by these little sounds all around me going “Mmm.” It was the singly most frustrating and annoying thing for me about attending Christian retreats. It’s as if people need to say Mmm to validate themselves and their own “beliefs” about what they “believe” in (and if you’ve studied a bug free mind, you’ll know how useless/damaging “believing” something is). The other similarity I heard during the workshop was that people would end their interactions with one another with “All is well.” It was the exact same energy as how people in the church ended sentences with “Jesus loves you.” I found these things ironic because a lot of “New Age/New Thought” community individuals condemn organized religions, especially Christianity. True, the new thought community has completely opposite premises, but I found that the energy of group, the energy of inclusive vs exclusive, the energy of us vs them, was exactly the same.

About the workshop, I never got to ask  my questions, and I was disappointed by a couple of people they did choose. I know that I would have felt the same way with what I’ve written above regardless of whether I got chosen or not. I still found the insights Abraham sharing to be wonderful messages, but the way people received them felt uncomfortable and unsettling. As an addendum, Abraham always says your question will be answered whether or not you get called up, well mine weren’t.

At the end of the day, I think what I understood from the workshop was this one really strange idea I did not consider prior to attending. When this guy asked if he could drink poison and have his body convert it to protein if he were in full alignment, Abraham asked him in the state of pure alignment, do you think you would feel inspired to drink poison? And everyone laughed, saying no. I realized by the end of the workshop that in the state of pure alignment, I personally would not be inspired to sign up and attend a workshop. I still love and listen to/read Abraham Hicks, but attending a workshop kind of felt like an older tooth-fairy experience for me. At the end of the day, words don’t teach, only experience does. It’s down to you, and I’m sure Abraham wouldn’t hesitate to endorse that one.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to attend a workshop in person, and I trust that sharing my experience can help out and give some insight to some people who consider attending Abraham Hicks workshops!



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  1. Many thanks for sharing! I greatly appreciate your candor, as I contemplate going to the Orlando workshop this weekend myself. It touches on many of my questions and your observations are attuned.

    • Hi Caramellei! Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting. I think it was an important piece of my understanding, as I idealized the idea of being with “like-minded individuals”. Like I said, the concepts themselves were great (but also nothing too new from what you’d find on youtube) but the overall experience honestly didn’t feel good to me, actually kind of unsettling. At the end of the day, everything is already within you already! Abraham may help you pull that out, but at the same time it’s already there in you. Trust you’ll make the right decision! xx Catt

  2. Thanks – this was a great article, and makes total sense. I was/am intending to go in order to see whether or not it would be helpful or influential to me to just be close to or around someone who I think is really plugged in at the time (Esther) and to see if I can sort of feel or observe the way she feels when she is tranced out or whatever she exudes when “they” speak. Crowd and robots aside, did she have a clean or free feeling tone about her when there live? I too, regardless, love the online clips. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Henry, thanks for visiting and commenting! Some people do say they find their questions answered whether they go on the hot seat or not, that wasn’t the case for me. I think there’s a lot of work in these industries that can look very convincing from the outside.
      As for Esther and channeling Abraham, I was always very convinced she was channeling a special benevolent entity, but at the end of the day, it’s like “what Abraham says” – she’s a filter, and if you connect with some source of benevolent entity (which anyone can), it won’t sound like what Esther is producing. Sure, Esther sounds different when channeling Abraham, and no she doesn’t seem tranced out or anything like that. She sounds the way she is on the tapes!
      The only difference I could feel is that as the audience at a live event, you couldn’t know for sure what was coming next, but you kind of could at the same time, because they basically repeat the same message pretty much.
      Trust that helps,
      Catt x

      • Thank you so much for sharing! I was struggling with this bit…. you said in your above response,” As for Esther channeling Abraham, if you connect with some source of benevolent entity(anyone can), it won’t sound like what Esther is saying”. You’re saying it won’t, So basically like a Disbelief in 1 God/Creator? I’m just really curious, because I’ve heard an audio or two (and we have a workshop coming up), and I thought she does reference “Source” and people can take that as they may…. will you be so kind to elaborate, and I really appreciate your review!

      • Hi there! Everyone has their filter and the questions they ask are different, so that’s what I mean by it won’t sound the same. However truth is always the same – whether it’s Jesus or Buddha or Abraham. The interpretation will depend on where the person is at. So it’s like Truth is truth, however the way we dress up the explanation of truth will all be different. Abraham says if you’d like to connect with the entity of Abraham it will sound different when you channel them because of your filter. It’s basically because of the questions you would ask, even if you have the same person asking a question to Esther channeling Abraham and someone else channeling Abraham.

  3. Coming back just to say THANKS for introducing me to Andy Shaw. His perspective is so wonderful, and free of dogma of any type. Thanks you, thank you, thank you Catherine!

    • Hey Henry, glad you love it! It’s you who attracted it into your life, so great job 😉
      I love Andy’s work, it just makes sense!
      Have fun and great to connect with you!

  4. Hello cat!

    Thank you for your input, I am currently deciding if i want to go or not. I have been listening to her tapes and reading her books trying to put everything together to see what works best for me on achieving my goals (or as Esther would put it “achieving the feeling is what we are going for or experience”) but it seems all her information is repetitive, Not sure if i want to go and pay the price.
    I am glad i came across your site, now i am interested on the books you recommended. Thanks!

    • Hi Rosa! I’m glad you found value in reading my blogpost! I agree, it’s quite repetitive if you’ve been listening to it a lot. It can be interesting to hear what they offer but ultimately you’re your best guide. I love Andy’s books for that reason, and if you’re interested you can download my workbook for uplifting your vibe – it complements Andy’s books a lot and gives you a space to journal some concepts that are taught in the books!

    • I was going to voice my opinion but will hold it back until I experience seeing her first hand.
      I am skeptical because last year I was in loved in a so called self help group. Found out who it’s leader was and was about. Can’t mention her name since I have been told she will sue me.
      Came off a caring person but trust me was not.

  5. Hey Catt!
    I started listening to Abraham after realizing a few things myself, and I feel like I’m in a position of taking what I want from this. For example I am not sure I agree with “laws of the universe” and “always” “only” and similar words. This is also the reason why I feel like I have to be highly selective about the workshops i attend, first because they are expensive and second because when you are in a workshop, it wraps itself up around you and you are physically there, sometimes it’s good because you can absorb energies you wouldn’t have through a book, and sometimes negative because you are vulnerable and easier to influence. I like to get my info from books, but mainly from life and from my own wonderful mind. (it’s wonderful because it’s mind, not because it’s mine 🙂
    Thank you for your input and greetings from Jerusalem!

    • Hi Hila! Thank you for your lovely comment! I would personally be weary when it comes to ‘taking what you want’ from things, because your present level of awareness contains certain beliefs that don’t serve you and lack certain beliefs that do serve you. Ask yourself whether something is true or not, and don’t make a judgment either way. You have to stay open and vulnerable, but be relentless with your questioning to develop a strong sense of self-worth!
      Salutations from Taipei! xx Catt

      • Thank you for the suggestion of asking yourself whether something is true! Very helpful!

  6. Hey Catt!
    I started listening to Abraham after realizing a few things myself, and I feel like I’m in a position of taking what I want from this. For example I am not sure I agree with “laws of the universe” and “always” “only” and similar words. This is also the reason why I feel like I have to be highly selective about the workshops i attend, first because they are expensive and second because when you are in a workshop, it wraps itself up around you and you are physically there, sometimes it’s good because you can absorb energies you wouldn’t have through a book, and sometimes negative because you are vulnerable and easier to influence. I like to get my info from books, but mainly from life and from my own wonderful mind. (it’s wonderful because it’s mind, not because it’s mine 🙂
    Thank you for your input and greetings from Jerusalem!

  7. Hello!

    I’ve been to a few of the workshops.

    My experience…

    Try putting your vibration before any observation(s) if you go again. That in and of itself is vortex-inducing.

    Never expect anything.

    You probably missed a LOT by being blocked emotionally by other people being called upon, and noticing others emotions. I talk to people briefly, then dial competely into what Esther/Abraham says. Period.

    Most people don’t listen with complete clarity. It took years of practice for me personally, but has paid off emotionally.

    I know it sounds weird, but Hick’s joy-based mind-training flat out worked for me. I just worked at it until I started manifesting, and never cease to learn something new from it.

    Stay Blessed!

    • Hi Raymond,

      Thank you for your thoughts and comments. Your comment about me having expectations is not accurate – if someone tells you they will answer your question and you attend and your question is not answered, is that fair to say I was holding my own perspective of what I wanted to hear? What you describe as my expectations come from my own experiences – not that I wanted to project something upon a workshop, but what is normal for me is not normal for someone else, and this kind of blocking out all to zone in on a subject without questioning is not normal for me. So you could call it an expectation, but that is not my definition of expectation – I was not demanding it to be any way other than the way it was, only that I observed that this was the way it is here, that it isn’t a thing to question motives and intentions, and that this was a learning experience for me to understand what a workshop/seminar is like, which is not what I am used to in terms of being an independent thinker.


    • Exactly my thoughts also!!!
      I went to two Abraham seminars and got a lot out of it.
      I tuned also only what Abraham had to say and his energy .I left all judgements about how people act or what they say out of it.
      I love there message and yes it’s always the same ,be connected with who we really are and keep practicing.
      Judging other people always takes me away from who I really am!!!
      Cleaning up my vibration and feeling good is working great for me !!!
      Wellbeing really is everywhere!!!!

  8. Hi Catt
    Thanks for your words. I found them really interesting and perceptive. I’ve listened to Abraham for many years & had many emotional reactions to them, ranging from awe to whoa this is just bonkers. Whatever the feelings, I’ve never stopped being drawn to listening to more. Whoever they are, whatever it is (the Abraham gig) if I use the techniques, exactly as they teach them, they work. That is the measure of it to me. If I listen, connect to my own real feelings and whenever they don’t feel good, look for a way to look at things that feels better to me, if I just do this, make this my focus, something great happens every time. However, the people who go to the events are just that, humans, everyone trying in their own way to belong, feel comfortable, be good enough. I no longer judge people at workshops. God knows I’ve been awkward and unreal myself so many times in my life. None of us are that at ease about articulating our confusion, we just want to ‘get it’. It does, as you observed, sometimes come out in an atmosphere of insincerity, that something is ‘off’. We judge ourselves if we aren’t ‘good’ at things and everyone wants to be a good Aber. The real truth is, Abe is about your relationship with yourself. You have to be authentic about your real feelings. This is where the magic lies. I like to have the feelings I have. It makes me stubborn and rebellious to have to ‘feel good’. That doesn’t feel good to me. So I allow myself to wallow and indulge my ‘negative emotion’…..this works for me. It makes me feel better to just accept where I am. Abraham work is in the end all about practise. It doesn’t matter really what others are doing (though as a curious person I LOVE knowing what others are thinking and feeling about everything). What really matters is practise. Like going to the gym. Just doing it. Keeping going. It works it works it works. That’s what’s so amazing! Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Geebz,

      I love the way you’ve described it about people being just people – I think I was really expecting I would connect with many people, and felt disappointed after I realized it wasn’t really what I had hoped for. I agree, it works and it’s true, but I also think there are many paths to this and the perspective Esther and Jerry have shared are not always about them being 100% right all the time and “Abraham said it, therefore it must be true.” Always coming to your own conclusions and I agree, it definitely works!

      Thanks for sharing, I loved your comments and insights!
      – Catt xx

  9. I attended an Abraham workshop back in 2010 in Washington DC. I was reading your page and laughing because like you mentioned, I had also “dug myself in a hole” and through many resources—the Abraham material being one of those—I got well, so at that time, I wanted to see Abraham in person, although can’t really say they were the reason I got well, but I did incorporate their message on how to approach life.

    For me, kind of like you, I left the workshop disappointed. I didn’t have any big revelations, I didn’t really have any questions so can’t say if my questions were answered or not, but sadly enough, what I remember is that one hot seater spent too much time asking questions that I thought weren’t relevant at all, and that person kept going and going, and at some point I did hear the crowd shifting their feet, and when that person finished, it was a big/loud round of applause! I must say though that I didn’t hear any “MMM’s” or any other type of “approving” sounds.

    But indeed…I just stick to listening to the shared abraham messages, but highly doubt I’ll ever go back to normal workshop. Maybe the cruises are better, since you’re hanging out with a bunch of people who are high as a kite on Abraham.

    • Hi Oscar,

      I was surprised that I hadn’t heard much about kind of the other side of the perspective until I attended the workshop, experienced it for myself and then saw some other people mentioning similar things. I remember reading a story after about a cruise workshop where people were just running all over each other to get to the venue and get the good seats while bumping old people over – that gave me a bit of shock, whether it’s true or not, I could see it after attending.

      The other thing I will say is that you get tired! Listening to 15 mins on youtube is one thing, whole hour after hour can actually be tiring and feet-shifting for sure!

      I understand where you’re coming from and I as well just listen once in a while, although I will say a lot less after the workshop!

      Thanks for sharing your insights and commenting!

      Catt xx

      • Thanks for sharing your comments, MYSDE. To clarify, I am not asking Esther to share what I want through writing this blogpost at all, and I do love Esther and Abraham’s works! My intention was not to write a vote to change their work at all – this was my experience and I wanted to share my own experience! Thank you! Catt

  10. Hi Catt,

    I once experienced what I refer to as a period of goldenness. It happened after having attended an EST workshop on communication. For what I believe as some time, although I could not say if it was days or weeks as I no longer experienced time at all. I experienced the oneness with source and all human concerns and circumstances were equal with no energy positive or negative. And others seemed to sense this as they would literally turn to me even if I was walking behind them..and feel compelled to speak with me. It was a time of ease and gentleness without judgement of people or events. At some point I felt an overwhelming feeling of responsibility, maybe fear about what I had experienced and remember consciously “returning” to my way of being prior to the workshop. I have never forgotten the experience and at times I have felt in a similar way, although as of yet never in the same complete way. I would like to speak with more about this if you”re interested.

    Hamilton (Yvonne) Gardner

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here! I love what you’ve written about the experience you had. I’m interested to understand what kind of responsibility you felt – for myself I absolutely loved the experience and would have stayed there forever had I not unconsciously stepped out of it unknowingly. The responsibility I felt that was difficult to cope with was assuming that since now I had done it once, I had to stay in that way. I’m hearing you’re talking more about an obligation to not be in that space?

      Great stuff! I’ll send you an email sometime so we can chat more about it 🙂

      Much love,
      Catt xx

  11. I always noticed that church like response from people during the workshop and also found it kind of weird and almost cult like (which is how I feel about church and religions, kind of), but the difference with abe for me was that it was Abe. That probably sounds totally silly but I get why people nod and agree. This stuff when you follow it is life changing in a good way. I suppose there are a lot of things that when you follow them are that way depending on how you feel about it when you do it (perspective being all of it, if you are positive about it and can keep that outlook then you will find it a positive experience – but of course that right there is something abe says but you don’t find it commonly elsewhere). So I understand it sort of and figure in a little bit of sheep people factor.

    As for the opening up about stuff that you find, I think you find that in a lot whenever you go to any kind of teaching, workshop, etc where people are motivated or inspired by the teacher. I saw it at a few other seminars I went to and I think even at a scientology thing I stupidly went to as a teen. I think people just want to talk about how life changing it was for them, but there’s also probably some aspect of convincing themselves that this is the be all end all that will work for them, which makes a lot of sense given that some of this stuff seems so far fetched when you first come across it. So I consider that the convince myself and others to help me believe it more factor.

    What I noticed the most though when I went to see Abe the first time was the Aura. I still talk to people about this because I knew what aura were but never saw one and did not think I ever could. So I was blown away but the fact that I could see Esther’s so vividly, like almost blindingly so. I was literally in awe of it through most of the workshop and I was in the front row getting a blast of that energy. It was amazing. This was a long time ago and I have not been since then and am thinking I might really love to get a blast of that again. I’m always curious though if others saw the aura. I remember in the workshop I was asking people and some did and some didn’t and I had to explain to people how to see it and then they did (you can’t look right at her or try to see it that way, you have to sort of gaze at her but not look at her or around her, like you are taking in the whole view … it’s a little tricky).

    I think the closer you sit to where she is is when you actually really feel that energy People in the hot seat have said that it’s an amazing feeling. One guy described it as a god like wind tunnel.

    • Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your experience, I loved reading about them! What I love the most with what you said was the piece on the convincing element because it seems so far-fetched when you first approach it – this is why I couldn’t click with the people there, because to me none of this is far-fetched, and I’m not trying to “believe” in that when I say that (do I need to “believe” I can go out and get a coffee right now? No, and that’s why I’m actually able to do it with ease). I have already not been convinced but deeply and viscerally experienced a state of knowing around these materials and ideas – I know it at not just the deep level, but the superficial level as well, as if I know when it’s sunny and I don’t put on sunblock I get tanned.

      The convincing piece only blocks the revelatory experiences (that are available to anyone) from occurring, because you don’t know it if you require to convince yourself. That’s what’s important to me – that more people know it, not just get in a state of positive energy from all this talk and feel rah! rah! – because their lives don’t really change, and to me that’s unacceptable. I’m here to get people knowing this stuff so that they can really change their lives.

      Thanks for sharing and discussing these ideas further, really loved reading your comment!

      -Catt xx

  12. I always have been eiked out by workshops for anything. But the opportunity to make like minded friends is why I would go… The Facebook groups are even worse… They say things like your only allowed to post this or that or no one with negative questions can ask they have to ask from the vortex… I just thought that was really out of alignment just to post something like that but I just follow their stuff I don’t really interact

    • Hey Ashley! Totally agree – I think I was ‘hopeful’ (one of my least favorite words) that I would meet like minded people, make friends..not to say I met terrible people or anything like that, but I think I’ve met more like minded friends on whims rather than as an intent for an event or something like that.
      Oh goodness, I haven’t been on the facebook groups haha! Well it certainly can be a distraction, I think especially when they’re free communities and groups there tends to be more trolling and lack of focus. Thanks for sharing! xx Catt

  13. Thanks for writing about your experience. I listened to Abraham and Esther recently on Youtube and totally got what she was saying, however, like you I felt weird too. Something just wasn’t clicking with me. Most of what she says makes sense and I took notes on what spoke to me on my Evernote. It did feel a little churchy/cultish and I’m leery of that since I came out of a small Christian Fundamentalist church and have slowly walked the liberating path away from Christianity unbeknownst to most people I know. They just assume I am Christian. Anyway, I sought out increasing my vibration and found Abraham and Esther. Funny thing is I get what she is saying because once I am in tune with this Energy and Intelligence, I feel myself bring them to every situation and wonderful things happen, especially recently. This is all totally new to me so some of what she says I am a little skeptical about however what I’ve been doing lately is in alignment with what she says and is working. Maybe I’m hesitant to see what will happen when I fully allow this Energy and Intelligence to flow through.

    • Hi Ericka! Thank you for sharing! And for visiting and leaving a comment ❤ Yeah I was asked to be in churches so much (and to smoke weed lol!) so I have that weariness for anything that produces a cult-like energy. I always feel this rush of power when I feel into what's right for me in this moment, and stay nonattached.
      Honestly I'm like reviewing this blogpost and all the comments, I'm like I hope people realize I love Abraham and everything, it was just the experience wasn't what I had expected haha.
      Yes! Stay skeptical and keep questioning. The deeper you question, while staying connected to your feelings, you will get to a very very incredible place..!

      Catt xx

  14. Hi! Thank you for this discussion. Something has felt off to me about Hicks as I’ve gotten into listening on youtube. I want to be devoted to living truthfully, and like you say a lot of what she says feels right, but something about the way she performs struck an uneasy chord in me. She seems condescending and sometimes even hostile, with certain types of people. I have no idea if channeled Abraham would have an ego, or if her ego meshes with Abraham to bring in that aggression, or if I just imagine it. But I can imagine a slightly gentler version of everything she says, although I guess the sass is just a way to get people listening to the clips. It just… seems a bit bullying, and as you said elitist, which is not the vibe I get from others who talk about alignment.
    Your post helps me figure out and understand more about their approach, which helps me know whether to listen or pass. So, thank you! I understand that there are pearls of wisdom in there, so if it’s got something to offer it’s probably still worthwhile.

    • Hello English Roberts! Thanks for your lovely comments, I’m glad you received benefit from reading my blogpost. I actually love the sass it makes me laugh, and I totally know what you mean. I’m not sure I would label it as ego because she’s (I mean Abraham) trying to reguide their focus to the new energy, it just comes across as sassy I suppose! I laugh out loud a lot though haha.
      Keep practicing the discerning! It’s very valuable.
      Oh definitely lots of pearls of wisdom you know as an update I’d like to write a new blogpost about how the recordings now from 2017 and some from late 2016 actually answered my questions from when I attended the workshop. So it’s just a matter of what most people are ready for. It really is a co-creation!

  15. Thank you for sharing your Hicks experience, and I have a question. The positive messages and awareness about energy (CDs, youtube) are amazing. Yet I’ve found after listening for some months, that the messages are sometime in direct conflict with each other. And the underlying message that one is to self-blame for the negative in one’s life due to past or obscure negative thoughts or even saying no is perplexing. I’ve been open, trusting and letting go, yet found myself in an expensive and completely unexpected lesson precisely because I was open and trusting…and no matter, the odd negative crap that’s attached to and continues to be attached to this house (a first for me) is unrelenting despite either my negative, none or positive efforts. For what it’s worth, I walked into a situation, yet this is not what I’ve experienced before or would ever envision for myself.

    • Hello Kathleen! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment!
      Oo and thank you for asking a question! Although I’m answering this way later, not sure why I didn’t see this earlier haha sorry I’m guessing you’ve resolved the issue by now and perhaps you have the answer!
      My idea on what you’re mentioning would be that you were open, but you are where you are and your vibration is a specific expression, so you attract where you’re at (like the disc analogy).
      And I would add, which also takes the “self-blame” into account – how would you have known to discern these situations if you haven’t gone through them? It’s like that quote – good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.
      I’m going to be doing a video soon on this subject so look out for it! Let me know how it went for you!

      Blessings! ❤ Catt xx

  16. I attended a workshop in San Francisco. I wanted to hear about how to improve the financial situation or reduce resistance in order to have an easier life, so something about money. However on this workshop was basically one topic- relationshi[p, nothing about money. I can not say that I was disappointed but also was not satisfied. Almost everything that I heard I have listened on youtube. I was not interested in improving relationship because I have a wonderful one. I would say for me is more interesting to chose and listen what I want via youtube. From this workshop, I heard only one sentence related to my question-appreciate simple things in life to be in alignment. However, what happened after, I do not know how to explain. When I was flying back, I went to buy juice from the cafeteria in the airport, where 4 young guys were working fast, and efficiently. I remembered one most of all. He complimented everybody, all buyers, for purse, for a haircut, for shirts, etc. he did not miss any one. He was singing, and after, probably from over-excitement he put up his arms and screamed without any shyness ” It is a beautiful day!” He really screamed in the airport! and continued saying: ” Life is good! Life is good! I am happy!” I was watching those happy guys, their plate with tips was full with change and people continued to add more and more, somebody bought shots for four of them … After seeing this I was just wondering. Was it is a coincidence or Abraham just showed me how to be happy, that complimenting others you put yourself on high flying disk? AS was said that words do not teach, but I was shown perfect example just in real life how to make yourself happy. It was something. I think It was an answer to my question that I did not have a chance to ask on the workshop.

    • Hi Nataliya!

      Thank you for your comment and contribution! I enjoyed reading your experience. My reaction to your message is..give yourself more credit!! You create your own reality, and maybe the expectation going into the workshop invoked a stronger asking within you, but I would not say “Abraham” was showing it to you necessarily, your personal vibration and energy field is constantly evoking vibrational matches. Of course I don’t mean to say you don’t need Source/guides and Angels/Abraham (although it’s a misconception to put it that way, as you ARE Source), it’s just that the greater personal responsibility you take for your actions, vibrations, and connection to your joy and alignment, the more you recognize how wonderful and amazing you are and you can create anything you desire.
      With love, Catt xx

  17. Thanks for this. I was going to attend the workshop in Atlanta this weekend but I’m like I don’t have any questions and I know I’m currently in my vortex so why should I go? lol. Hope all is well in your world 🙂

  18. Really good review. I like Abraham’s message … the crowd can be so distracting though. Thanks , I thought it was just me.

    • Hi Kristin! Thank you for your comment and reading my blog! I love the messages too, and yeah my reaction was more of a surprise since I didn’t expect just didn’t cross my mind as that’s what would be going on and I was really like wow this is so interesting haha! Thanks again for stopping by! Catt xx

  19. I really enjoyed reading your review and the comments below! The lack of reviews of workshops must show the still relatively “underground” nature of this sort of information. I have never been to an Abraham workshop but plan to one day, mostly out of curiosity to meet the other people who listen to Abraham, and also to see if Ester’s slightly abrasive and fiery style comes across in person also. In her channeling, some of her own personality must come through — albeit funny and witty, she also interrupts a lot — is this her or Abraham doing the interrupting I wonder? I find their teachings extremely helpful in conjunction with other modalities such as Open Heart meditation (where you connect to your heart, Higher Self, or as Abraham calls it your Inner Being in order to experience a place of unconditional love and more easily hear positive messages and solutions directly from Source energy). If I’m having trouble connecting after a “hard” day at work (which I try not to even label as such anymore), I have found listening to Abraham or other channeled messages to be very uplifting. I find that it is helpful to listen to different sources of channeled messages as even Abraham will admit, theirs is only one perspective. I, too, feel as though I already know this to be true, as much as the sky is blue and the trees are green, and I don’t need proof that Abraham or other dimensional beings exist, I just like to understand my own relationship and alignment to them and the wisdom they teach. I was going to ask if YOUR question has been answered since, as I thought if not at the workshop, probably elsewhere in the past or future…and indeed it had been! If I may ask the all-important question, what was your question?!

    • Hi Mimi! Thank you for your lovely comment. I actually found the abrasiveness less abrasive in person (speaking about something over 3+ years ago though, things may be different now) – it seemed very gentle and mild, and people definitely feel nervous to be on the stage, so by interrupting sometimes it’s helpful.
      I love your comment about the questions I had! I suppose it was mentioned I remember in a recording or two I listened to later on, but in my own life experience it has been answered in many different ways and interpretations.
      At the time, I was in a relationship that was perfect in so many ways and yet it was experiencing so many difficulties. I had “created my own reality” by “staying in the vortex” in the beginning of this relationship, transcending many otherwise would-have-been problems in other situations. So my question was about why this relationship’s success was contingent strictly on the fact that I was “in the vortex,” and that once I “exited” even for a second it messed up big time. This misunderstanding caused me years of pain and later much worse, as this relationship was simply not the right one for me despite so many indications that it was.
      Best wishes to you! Catt xx

  20. Hi Catherine!
    I am actually going her SF workshop this Saturday. Like you, been listening for a year or so and before that I have been going through my own Search and realizations of some universal truths.
    Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I am going to go with an open mind. I think since we are all energetic beings it maybe possible that the combination of energies gathered on the day you went wasn’t exactly a great cocktail. Anyway it could be a million possible reasons.

    One thing I do believe is what Esther/Abraham is sharing is real and has spiritual significance. Her message and humor tone hasn’t changed much through all the old or new YouTube clips I have soaked in.
    Can’t fake all that!

    Really appreciate your post as I did not find much else on what to expect from this experience. Wow did I just set the stage for training my own expectations!! ? 🙂

    How are you feeling about the vortex and Abraham and just the whole general vibe after your workshop?

    • Hey Dan! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment! Ah no sorries; I learned so much from that experience so it’s been very good. Looking back it was the perfect experience to show me many things about myself and how it’s been helpful over the past few years! I hope you enjoyed the workshop and so glad you liked my blogpost!

      About how I feel about the vortex and Abraham after the workshop – well it was 7 years ago, but I haven’t really been back into that content for a long time. I’ve been more interested in Caroline Myss’ work (on various accounts/perspectives) in the past 3-4 years and who knows what else I will come up with 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  21. Thank you so much for your review! I am contemplating attending an event in Connecticut this weekend and found this very helpful.

  22. Wow. I love this so much. Every word you wrote resonates so much with how I feel. I haven’t attended a workshop but I don’t feel like I need to because the YouTube videos I listen to of Abraham only reinforce and help to validate thoughts and feelings I was already having – maybe similar to the experience you had before you knew about Abraham? Anyway, thank you for this post!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Jennifer! I appreciate it. Yes to this day it feels like the same thing – there’s a specific energy to the need to validate. It’s definitely understandable but I don’t think it will get us very far if it’s encouraged repeatedly. Thank you for your visit! 🙂

  23. Hello Catt,
    I read your review before I went as I too wanted to see if I should go. I bought the ticket sort of by mistake and was contemplating asking for a refund (-$20.00). I, too, absolutely believe in our own personal responsibility of energy flow, hence I find these workshops of a spiritual nature can be a disappointment – not because you have certain expectations, but synchronicity is usually more powerful than the words coming through a filter. I actually go to Bashar channelings and enjoy them more, basically because that entity talks to many more people and I’ve always had my questions answered during those interactions weather I was called or not.

    So bottom line, I read your review, went anyway – because like someone else said “I wanted to judge for myself” and thought the mistake I made was a possible journey – so I took it. My questions were not answered on-point but I did glean enough from the answers by some. She said some of the information was ‘new’ but I didn’t feel that. I felt it comes down to cleaning out the resistance by going to an ‘orgasmic’ place of feeling pure joy about the place you’re in and living life that way – the rest will follow. She talked about ‘calibration’ and using a workbook of opposites to calibrate to the good feeling place.

    There were so many people there – too many – for me to feel like I got a ‘personal experience.’ My feelings of being drained probably means it was not worth it – as fundamentally you can get more of the answers in the videos online. The experience was not uplifting and I left physically exhausted – I should of brought a snack to tie me over.

    So thank you for putting this review out there – it’s important for people to have a perspective other than a ‘cult’ like obedience to what they perceive. I think all should go if they are drawn, as there is probably something there to expand awareness. And I can see I may be biased against people who sell something to the vulnerable – i.e. making tons of money off the weakness of need for spiritual guidance, when it all comes from within.

    That said, I do LOVE Ester and appreciate she is bringing something more to the people who may have never experienced and need a conduit to spiritual connection. She was/is a pioneer. I think the biggest issues is she doesn’t talk to enough people in the room – the scope becomes too narrow. I, for one, did not find what I was ‘wanting’ as she says.

    • Hi Andrea! Thanks for reading, visiting my blog, and sharing/writing out your extensive and detailed thoughts! Each time I get a comment I’m like oh my gosh, seriously that was x years ago – now it’s half a decade ago and apparently it’s still being searched haha! Well I honestly never had the intention for that to be the case but it’s nice I guess if it stirs up conversation and provokes thought (which is an intention of my blogging and writing activities).

      To be honest, I’m still running around finding situations where I invest in this kind of material (in different forms) and wait to see what the result is. It’s really hard to say! Sometimes it’s good information, and sometimes it isn’t quite there! And perhaps what I’ve come to conclude after spending really a lot of money on this kind of work is it’s really a grab bag. Even if your intentions are clear going into something, you really can’t know whether it’s going to be what solves your questions. However, I will say that it’s always worth it because you gain experience from it – as long as you don’t meander aimlessly and get sucked into nonthinking habits.

      I appreciated reading your comment, thanks for having written it!

      Catt xx

  24. Yes – it was such a long time ago . Of course, for me, it’s all ‘now’ anyway. 😀

    Blessings and love to you and yours.

  25. Thank you for taking the time to really think about and post your feelings. It was a very interesting take you had on the live workshops. I am in total agreement that you ultimately have to experience a truth, but hearing words that resonate with you (as the words of Abraham seemed to do with you) can be very clarifying. For that reason I have listened to YouTube videos of Abraham workshops and read some of the books for a couple of years now. I was tempted to go to a live workshop because I thought it would be enjoyable, but kept asking myself if that would be any more effective than listening to the the recorded workshops. Then, when the pandemic hit and there were live streaming sessions online (where we could ask questions), I felt compelled to try it out. It was not that different from listening to an old workshop, however the question I submitted was answered, and that made the experience much more personal to me. And I found myself in tears as her response was so helpful. The central topic of the session was “Landing on the Emotional Scale” and moving from where you land (if you need to). I don’t think it was any accident that I chose that particular workshop to join. I think that we can rely on our “instincts” when we are aligned in that place of clarity, which Abraham talks about, to guide us to the experiences that will be helpful to us.

    • Hi Susan, thanks for reading, responding, and sharing your experience! Always interesting to see how things have grown over the years. I’m glad you had your question answered – that’s lovely! I did find the live experience more interesting than listening to clips online. I enjoyed reading about your experience – thanks for taking the time to share! Catt xx

  26. I am really impressed along with your writing abilities and also with the layout for your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is uncommon to look a nice weblog like this one these days..

    • Thanks Hairstyles! I just updated my theme but the previous one was a retired theme and I had customised it. I think this one is better though 😉

  27. Thank you so much for sharing. I just signed up for a cruise and I feel like we would have been great friends if I met you! It’s so important to view all angles! Much love, KD

  28. Hello Catherine,

    Thank you for such a candid review. I have listened to Abraham-Hicks for many years, and I now and then get the idea in my head that it would be interesting to attend such a workshop.

    But then, after thinking about it, and contemplating the large audience they usually have, and all that background chatter and “audience feedback” that is constantly going on, I am always so happy that I am NOT going. For I have everything I need anyway: their six main books, and hundreds of audio snippets from YouTube (some of which I have audio-edited to decrease the sound level of the audience).

    One, perhaps simplistic, viewpoint is this. Although, as you say, one may get a “Jesus loves you” feeling in such a workshop, I think that’s a good observation. For what unites people who go to such mass meetings is not just the philosophy or religion aspect, but also the desire to “belong somewhere” and to get new friends.

    This desire of getting new friends may even overshadow, at least in some cases, the sincerity to practice the teachings. And consequently, we may witness a sort of synchronized “mass behavior” (“Mmm”) that is the result of an attempt to “fit in” within the community/congregation.

    And it is this “people-pleasing”, or, better, “crowd-pleasing” behavior that may feel strange to some of us who are sensitive to it. This, of course, is no critique of Abraham-Hicks themselves, or even of the audience. For we are all at different places in our respective emotional journey.

    Another point worth mentioning, I think, is something that Abraham-Hicks often say in their lectures: “you should not depend on us being translated by Esther, but on your own inner guidance.” So we have to learn to go within, without Abraham-Hicks, and develop that connection. And, on our own, really concentrate on being happy and excited and enthusiastic about this wonderful world and all it has to offer.

    Once again, I am thankful for your sincere description of your live Abraham-Hicks experience. I suspect that my own assessment would have been quite similar, if I ever were to go.

    Hoping you’re having a GREAT day!
    Chris Bocay

    • Hey Chris, thanks for reading my blogpost and leaving a long thoughtful comment. I agree there’s a lot of wanting to fit in and that subjects like the Law of Attraction tend to draw people who want to do something slightly different than the norm. I’m glad my writeup was able to help you. – Catt

  29. if I ever were to go.—- Go!! 10 years from now you may regret it – agree its not a MUST DO but I think she is worth it to pay a visit. check out her schedule and make the decision.. good luck to you

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